2018 By the Numbers

a visual summary of Power Direct's accomplishments in 2018

an infographic outlining the accomplishments of Power Direct in 2018

In 2018, we again had the pleasure of working with the top consumer brands in the United States to drive sales, launch new products, boost in-store traffic, and announce new store locations.

We spent 4,540 hours looking at data and analyzed more than 110,000 block groups to determine the absolute best targets for our clients’ campaigns. Ultimately, we delivered to nearly 38,000 individual block groups.

This extra time spent on data allows us to deploy incredibly efficient campaigns, reaching the customers most likely to respond and avoiding those who are not.

We delivered 16,586,419 pieces this past year, split between 1,647 different designs. That’s 1,647 individual, highly-relevant marketing messages on the front doors of American consumers.

We spent 29,000 hours auditing our projects, driving more than 700,000 miles to ensure complete and accurate delivery of each and every piece. This in-person quality control sets us apart as the leader in efficient, accurate delivery of front-door marketing messages.

What does a campaign cost?

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Our campaigns reached 90% of U.S. markets and we spent 6,290 man hours verifying each individual delivery via GPS. This gives our clients peace of mind, knowing that their messages reached the right location – the actual front doors of their ideal customers.

We put our customer service number on all marketing pieces that we distribute and monitor the line 7 days a week. This way, we can quickly resolve any issues or answer questions from those who received a marketing piece. However, because of our high quality of delivery, we only received one call for every 79,742 deliveries in 2018!

We’re looking forward to partnering with more brands than ever before in 2019 and we hope your company is one of them; we’ll meet you at the front door!

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