Power Direct's year in review infographic with statistics and data

New services added in 2019:

Car Toppers

Power Direct Car Toppers are the more efficient, better targeted alternative to taxi-toppers, bus wraps, and mobile billboards. Driven by our employee auditors during distributions, these are guaranteed to reach your target market.

Real-time, household level data collection

Large-scale data collection at a household level allows you to efficiently pinpoint properties that are ready for your offers. Identify the exact address of properties with attributes appropriate for your business – such as which households have satellite dishes, certain types of turf, two-car garages, specific types of HVAC units, and more. Data is aggregated and sorted according to your marketing objectives so you can quickly deliver customized marketing messages to homeowners.

Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors deliver an in-person product promotion, event promotion, or lead generation activity to a target demographic. It’s the path to instant media penetration because it engages with people in a friendly, non-salesy manner, and often right where they live. Brand ambassadors can deliver up to 10x the average response rate!

You can reach your ideal customers at three primary locations:

  1. At their home
  2. At a busy public location frequented by your targeted demographic
  3. At an event related to your product or service

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