5 Door Hanger Design Tips to Increase Customer Response

We recently wrote a post on the high coupon redemption rate, and while it’s great that customers are more prone to respond to coupons, it begs the question: What else can marketers do to increase response rate? 

Door hangers (or front-door media) is a medium we know very well–we’ve even got it down to a science. So we’ve compiled five design tips that we believe will help amplify the response of your next door hanger campaign.

Door Hanger & Front-Door Media Creative Considerations

Keep it short!
Your main message should be short and sweet; a single, benefit-oriented headline will grab a customer’s attention. Also, make the messaging relevant to your customers. Once you’ve targeted your best customers down to the block group level, relevant messaging is key.

No clutter, please.
Imagine the clutter in your mailbox.  Now imagine that clutter translated onto a door hanger–no, thank you. Use simple, power visuals to elicit an emotional response. Minimal copy will also relay the message quickly and be much easier for customers to scan.

Name yourself!
Always remember to either list your company name or your brand! Customers always like to know who is talking to them, and there’s nothing like brand name recognition to further enforce the message.

What does a campaign cost?

Get a custom-built sample campaign with real targeting data, ad creative, cost estimates, and distribution plans.

Use the Project Estimator

Have a clear offer.
There is nothing more damaging to response rate than an unclear offer. If customers don’t know to call your 800 number or to redeem the coupon in-store only, there’s a reason why you’re not getting the response rates you’re looking for.

Elaborate on the flipside.
If you have additional details about your product or event, place that information on the back of the door hanger. Most consumers are trained to flip to the back when they want details (similar to consumer packaged goods), so don’t use the space on the front for anything but grabbing attention and eliciting response.

Of course, like any other media, customer response rates will vary. But if you’re willing to optimize your creative and messaging, and take our tips into consideration, you’re more likely to generate a response from your audience than most of your competitors .

Download our full design tips sheet here, which includes other recommendations as well.

When was the last time you executed a door hanger campaign and did you get the response you wanted?