Auditing and Quality Control

How we achieve nearly 100% accurate distribution, 100% of the time. 

Having a GPS device on a walker is great, but it’s not a substitute for having a set of eyes watching them. 

Daily Auditing Reports

As part of our monitoring the quality of distribution in the field, our Auditors provide the internal Operations and GPS teams with the following reports on a daily basis:

  • Daily crew pictures: sample pictures of the product being delivered to ensure the visual placement is as expected
  • Product inventory counts
    • Prior to the daily delivery commencing
    • Spot checks throughout the day
    • End of the day reconciliation of product
  • Daily crew meetings with the walkers
    • Review previous day’s performance
    • Corrections as needed
  • Incident Reports along with corrections made to rectify problems
  • Weather delays: Documentation from
  • GPS equipment issues and resolutions

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