Brand Ambassador Companies – The Best Way to Reach New Customers?

There’s no end to the ways in which you can try to find and engage new customers and leads. But almost all of them happen from a distance. Whether it’s digital, radio, streaming, or mail, the prospect has the luxury of ignoring you, skipping your ad, or changing the channel. But with a brand ambassador company working on your behalf, you can get face to face with prospects and see immediate results. 

If you want to skip past all the media and just go straight to your potential customers, a brand ambassador agency might be just the asset you’re looking for. Let’s take a closer look at how this works.

What are brand ambassadors?

A brand ambassador is an individual hired or contracted with to represent your company in a real-world setting. This could be at an industry event, outside some other site like a sports match or a concert, going door to door in a neighborhood, or one of many other contexts. 

Brand ambassadors will usually be given a particular task to perform over a limited period of time. The best brand ambassadors are outgoing, conversational, and enthusiastic professionals. They need to understand the idea of sales and marketing goals, and how their role plays into what the business that hired them is trying to accomplish.

A bit later, we’ll get into some specific tasks you can hire a brand ambassador to perform.

A man and woman serving donuts at an event for a company called Brightspeed.

What does a brand ambassador company do?

An effective brand ambassador agency will perform all the tasks necessary to create and implement a successful brand ambassador campaign. 

This includes everything from planning the targeting of events to the design and strategies surrounding the campaign — not to mention the logistical details to execute to perfection. What are your campaign goals? What is the best way to achieve them? What will brand ambassadors say, or do, or give away? 

The company also should create campaign assets such as samples, brochures, QR codes, flyers, T-shirts, and anything else your campaign requires. 

Expect your chosen brand ambassador company to also have a process for monitoring and collecting data on key metrics that help you measure the success of the campaign. If your goals involve lead generation, leads should be delivered directly into your CRM within hours, or in real-time.

And, leading brand ambassador companies will be able to manage the hiring process for all the temporary brand ambassadors who will be representing your brand. This includes finding quality talent, handling the HR logistics, training them for the tasks they’ll be performing, and transportation in some cases, depending on the location of the campaign.

Ways to utilize brand ambassadors

Brand ambassadors can be asked to conduct a number of activities. Here are a few examples:

  • Pass out free samples at a trade show
  • Ask consumers to sign up for a free trial
  • Offer coupons to passersby for a nearby retail store
  • Perform product demonstrations
  • Conduct surveys to collect valuable data 
  • Promote the launch of an upcoming new product or service
  • Create user-generated content such as photos and videos
  • Get instant feedback on a particular question, new product, opinion, or other item you want tested in the real world
  • Collect leads to be followed up with later by your sales team
  • Raise awareness about an issue or topic related to your business or organization

That’s just a starting list. You can probably come up with several other ideas specific to your company and most appropriate for your marketing and revenue goals. But these are the sorts of campaigns you come to a brand ambassador company to make happen. 

Now, let’s look at a few types of campaigns and events where you can use brand ambassadors. 

A blue door on a porch with a welcome mat - a door hanger on the door knob.

Experiential marketing

This is a broad term that can sometimes be synonymous with other terms on this list, but it’s distinct in that you’re using brand representatives to provide some kind of engaging experience. 

Think of the five senses. The more senses experienced by prospects who encounter your brand ambassadors, the more memorable and impactful your campaign will be. Seeing is good. But seeing and hearing is better. Touching is better still. And how about taste and smell? 

Beyond all these, the best planned experiential campaigns spark emotions. Wonder, surprise, awe, curiosity, joy, laughter, amazement – these and other positive emotions produce the best outcomes. Why? Because with experiential marketing campaigns, brand ambassadors are talking to people and by their very presence, promising to provide something that is worth the prospect’s time. 

Draw positive emotions like these, and the prospect will be happy they took the time to engage with your brand ambassador.

You can use experiential marketing indoors or outdoors, at booths, on street corners, or at particular locations where your target audience tends to congregate. 

Live event marketing

With a good brand ambassador agency, you can deliver an outstanding campaign at a live event. 

Some events are industry-specific, such as trade shows and conventions. Here, you have a targeted audience showing up and in many cases expecting to encounter salespeople from companies they’ll have a natural affinity to talk with. 

What does a campaign cost?

Get a custom-built sample campaign with real targeting data, ad creative, cost estimates, and distribution plans.

Use the Project Estimator

But not every company buying a booth uses it well. In fact, most do not. Very often, you see the person running the booth sitting on a chair, inactive, waiting for people to come up to them. This is not effective live event engagement. It’s poor brand ambassadors staffing.

Brand ambassadors get out in the corridors and engage people proactively. They initiate. They have good introductory questions that invite interest and curiosity. 

Non-industry live events

You can also use brand ambassadors to blanket the areas outside nearly any other successful event. You’re just piggybacking on the already successful efforts to draw a crowd of people you believe will include a large enough number of potential customers or clients to produce a successful campaign. 

Sports events, concerts, local community events like farmers’ markets, organized advocacy rallies, and graduations are examples of live events with enough people to justify a brand ambassador campaign. 

And, there are permanent venues you can explore too, such as shopping malls on busy days, busy streets, and large stores. 

In all these cases, the idea is to engage directly, make an offer, get a response, and track the data so you can improve performance at the next event. Your brand ambassador company can help maximize the return on investment from your campaign by helping choose the right location or venue, in addition to developing the strategy for the campaign itself.

A brand ambassador speaking positively with a woman about her new door hanger.

Door to door marketing

Another way to use a brand ambassador company is to help collect valuable data from customers, leads, and prospects in your target audience. And one of the best ways to do this is going door to door, canvassing particular neighborhoods where your audience is likely to reside. 

Brand ambassadors can go out and engage tons of people right in their homes. People generally don’t like salespeople at their doors, but the purpose of these engagements is not to sell. It’s surveying, product introduction, sampling, and more. People like this a lot more. 

That said, there’s nothing wrong with offering things like a free trial, or giving away coupons and discounts to thank people for contributing to your survey.

How do brand ambassador companies staff their teams?

Brand ambassador staffing and event staffing are basically the same thing – just a different context in which the brand ambassadors will be operating.

Challenges of brand ambassador staffing

Staffing brand ambassador campaigns with good talent can be difficult, because you need local talent that’s also motivated and qualified to perform effective customer interaction. You don’t want to send your prospects scurrying away because you didn’t hire the right person. And you need event staff who will show up, because often, you have just one shot at this type of campaign.

For most companies, this is why they end up doing so few brand ambassador campaigns. Developing a systematic process to hire brand ambassadors isn’t easy, and marketing managers are busy. They don’t want to hassle with finding talent, interviewing them, sorting applications and resumes, and all the HR tasks that go along with event staffing.

How Power Direct conducts brand ambassador event staffing

A good brand ambassador staffing agency like Power Direct handles the staffing for you and already has a process for staffing brand ambassadors.

Some campaigns take place all in one city at one location. For that, you need just one team in most cases. Other campaigns might be spread out in multiple locations, or through neighborhoods, or even in more than one city. 

Your chosen brand ambassador staffing partner should have the systems in place to hire talent to work at any location you need them. 

The key is to have connections with employee recruiters who already have lists of people who can do this type of work. That way, you can quickly amass a team of reliable event staff who will show up, be trainable, stay motivated, and not quit the event early. 

Power Direct has these connections, and we can staff brand ambassador campaigns anywhere in the country. We conduct the staffing, training, and HR tasks related to hiring brand ambassadors, and work with you to train them on the specifics of your campaign.

Explore a brand ambassador campaign with Power Direct

You can probably see great potential in a brand ambassador campaign, but are a bit wary because of all the unique logistics, including staffing reliable brand ambassadors.

The best thing to do is have a simple conversation and see what’s possible. A brand ambassador campaign might be a good step for your business, or it might not. 

Talk to a brand ambassador expert at Power Direct, industry leaders, and see how we can serve and support your marketing goals.