Brand Ambassador Staffing – How We Find Your Company’s On-the-Ground Reps

Power Direct’s brand ambassador campaigns enable you to interact with consumers, prospects, and leads face to face. Our teams can blanket neighborhoods, enliven community gatherings and local events, represent you at sports events and concerts, and perform a variety of other tasks that represent your brand in a positive and engaging way. 

As more and more brands recognize Power Direct as a leading provider, we’re being inundated with questions about our brand ambassador hiring process. Just how do we pull off such an exceptional brand ambassador program in such a challenging environment?

Let’s dive in. 

What is brand ambassador staffing?

For companies who want to benefit from having a local presence in cities across the United States, one of the best strategies is to show up at big events. These can be local or regional, such as parades, festivals, sporting events, concerts, and community service gatherings. You can also run door-to-door campaigns conducting prospect research, delivering surveys, capturing leads, and introducing potential customers in new service areas.

Brand ambassador staffing is our process for finding and training enthusiastic people to represent your company at these types of events. 

Professional enthusiasm is the most important qualification for this type of event staff or brand ambassador work, followed closely by an ability to communicate and connect with people about products and services. We look for these and other qualities in the people we hire to represent your brand.

Why is it a challenge for companies to staff brand ambassadors themselves?

If you conduct a brand ambassador campaign, it will be in a particular city or region. You probably don’t have a huge contingent of staff or street team in that location ready to run this type of campaign.

And since these are often one-time in inconsistently-held campaigns, you don’t want these representatives to be full-time employees. That would be way too expensive and inefficient. So, you have to hire contract workers. 

There are several reasons companies simply can’t perform this task:

Marketing managers are too busy

Marketing managers are always being asked to do more. Passionate about growth, most marketing managers already take on more opportunities than they probably should. They simply don’t have time to scour local sources to find the numerous people you need to pull off a campaign like this. Even just hiring a dozen good brand ambassadors requires a whole swath of processes and logistics. You need a staffing partner.

Marketing programs need to be nimble

With on-site campaigns like this, you have to be able to move and adjust as conditions change. That could mean needing to hire new brand ambassadors if you spread to a different area or add an additional event. You might have dozens of simultaneous events during the summer and few, if any, during the coldest winter months. Most companies can’t adjust for sudden changes in on-the-ground conditions.

Hiring contractors for this work is an HR nightmare

Depending on the campaign, these workers might only be employed for a week. Maybe even just a few days for certain special events. You don’t want to hassle with all the paperwork and legal requirements of hiring people who will work for such a short time.

Lack of experience in hiring this type of talent

Most companies simply don’t know where to look to find good brand ambassadors. They have no procedures in place for sourcing, training, or managing this type of talent. This means long lead-up times and lots of potential mistakes. Unless your brand has monopoly money to play with and very patient stakeholders, this kind of situation isn’t ideal.

How does brand ambassador staffing work through Power Direct?

Power Direct has all of the tools, knowledge, and processes in place for hiring brand ambassadors for campaigns like these. Here’s how our process works:

We identify client objectives and event locations

Sometimes our clients approach us with a binder full of objectives and events for brand ambassadors. More often than not, they understand the importance of expanding an in-person presence and want help identifying opportunities to maximize their impact within a pre-approved budget. 

If you’re just starting this process, think about your campaign. What are your goals? Examples of brand ambassador campaign goals include:

  • Lead generation
  • Surveys and data collection
  • Gauging interest
  • Brand awareness
  • Customer sampling

These are just some of the potential goals you might pursue. But once you have an idea of what you want to achieve, you can decide on the location of your campaign. Will it be at a singular event, or perhaps a series of events?

For example — you could plan a campaign to run at all of the home football games in a particular city. That would mean eight or nine iterations of your campaign, possibly more if the team does well.

Another example would be to choose a neighborhood, particular zip codes, or particular streets in a region. 

Power Direct plans the logistics 

We take the goals and event ideas and create a game plan for the logistics of that campaign. We’ll study the feasibility of the effort and provide additional suggestions for events, engagement opportunities, and creative planning.

Power Direct determines staffing needs for each event

With the campaign plan finalized, we’ll then create an outline for the staffing needs that will enable your plan to succeed. How many people will it take? If you need ambassadors with particular talents or abilities — such as a loud voice — that will get incorporated into our hiring process. 

How does Power Direct source and train talent?

To find the on-site talent for your brand ambassador campaign, we utilize a national network of employee-led recruiters who have deep community connections. 

We work with them using our detailed, streamlined training program and real-time management software to ensure your ambassadors will accurately, enthusiastically, and positively represent your brand. We also conduct background checks and the typical HR procedures you’d expect from a top promotional event staffing provider.

What does a campaign cost?

Get a custom-built sample campaign with real targeting data, ad creative, cost estimates, and distribution plans.

Use the Project Estimator

Common challenges of brand ambassador staffing – and how to overcome them

There are some challenges with hiring for any venture, and brand ambassadors for street teams are no exception. There are some common challenges almost all brands face. They include talent: 

  • Not showing up
  • Not staying for the entire event
  • Not being motivated to engage people or do their full job
  • Not properly representing the brand
  • Not being properly trained on the client’s product
  • Not being able to travel 

Power Direct is usually able to overcome these challenges by sticking to our proven process. 

Good training solves almost all of these challenges. If workers don’t show up or stay for the entire event, this is often the result of them not quite ‘feeling it.’ Do they really feel prepared and able to do what is required of them? If they don’t, it’s a lot easier to just not show up.

Good training produces confidence and generates excitement about the job. 

The next key to success is knowing what to look for in a hiring candidate. These jobs are best for someone you would describe as a ‘people-person.’ Extroverts. People who like to talk and aren’t nervous or shy about meeting strangers.

When you know what to look for, have a good talent pool to work with, and have an effective training process, you can ward off most of the challenges listed above.

What happens after the event?

The details here, of course, depend on your campaign goals. 

Any data that gets collected can be sent to the client in real-time by syncing your system with ours through an API. This way, you’ll have access to leads, data, and actionable tasks as soon as they get acquired and recorded.

After the campaign is done, we’ll analyze the data collected to determine the effectiveness of the campaign and provide feedback on how each area or event performed. 

You’ll be able to look at familiar data points such as:

  • Conversations/engagements
  • Conversions
  • Completed surveys
  • Requested samples or trial periods
  • Quality of customer feedback
  • Successfully completed outcomes
  • Leads generated
  • Signups

Why use Power Direct for brand ambassador staffing

Simply put — we know how to do what few others do. 

If you recall the challenges with hiring brand ambassadors yourself, you can avoid all those headaches by having us do it for you.

With our already-working process, you can quickly scale up your in-person marketing efforts using talented and trained teams of individuals you can trust to enthusiastically and accurately represent your brand. 

You’ll avoid hours of HR hassles and paperwork because when you partner with us, we take care of all that.

Avoiding mistakes while enjoying greater performance? That means a more efficient, cost-effective marketing program you can brag about in your next meeting. 

Want to find out more?

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Brand Ambassador FAQ

How does Power Direct find top quality employees for these temporary projects?

We use a national network of Power Direct employee recruiters and a proprietary process to identify, recruit, train, and retain the country’s top talent.

What do you look for in great brand ambassador employees?

We look for enthusiasm, professionalism, and the ability to learn and talk about a company’s products, services, and offers.

How do you weed out the wrong people?

Our process involves background checks, interviews, in-depth analysis of past work, and sometimes test projects, role play training, or supervised trial periods. It quickly becomes clear who’s the best fit for our industry-leading brand ambassador teams. 

Who leads brand ambassador teams?

All brand ambassador teams are led by experienced, trusted, and veteran W2 employees from Power Direct. 

What does it take to prepare brand ambassadors to represent the brand they are working for?

We use several strategies for training including in-the-field learning, brand guidebooks, team zoom meetings, and more.

How large is a typical team?

This varies dramatically depending on the campaign. At singular events, it might be just 5-10 people. 

How are you able to run brand ambassador campaigns regardless of location?

We hire people who are able and willing to travel as necessary. And with the national network we use to find talent, most people don’t have to travel very far.