Use a Brand Ambassador Campaign for Ultra-High Response and In-Person Engagement

How do you spread the word about a major new product release so you know beyond any doubt that the message gets through?

Is there a way to let people know about your huge grand opening that almost guarantees everyone in your target demographic hears about it?

Have you ever wanted to introduce your service to the new crop of freshmen on college campuses, but struggled to find a way that doesn’t drown in the media ocean?

  • TV and radio are easy to switch off.
  • Online media is easy to miss and ignore.
  • Direct mail can be thrown away.
  • Email depends too much on having the email addresses for the people you want to reach – not easy in these situations.
  • Telemarketing is basically dominated by robo-spammers – few people bother to answer anymore.

While those other forms of media do have their uses, the solution to these specific questions has to be personal. Relational. Experiential. When the message is so important that it must be heard and seen by nearly everyone in your target demographic, the best approach is to use what we call brand ambassadors.

brand ambassador with a customer at her door

What Is a Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador delivers an in-person product promotion, event promotion, or lead generation activity to a targeted demographic. It’s the path to instant media penetration because it engages with people directly, and often right where they live. And it uses an external team of professionals, gathered locally, without any coordination required from you.

Whereas other forms of media are doing very well when they achieve just 2-5% response rates, a brand ambassador campaign can generate results that are up to ten times those. It’s marketing on a whole different level.

What Can Brand Ambassadors Do?

Brand ambassadors meet people in person and tell them about your product or service in an engaging, friendly, non-salesy manner. In fact, they don’t sell anything. This is not soliciting. They can do this at three primary locations:

  • At their home
  • At a busy public location frequented by your targeted demographic
  • At an event related to your product or service

Here are a few possible types of campaigns you could run using a brand ambassador approach, and the demographic description you might want to focus on.

New Store Grand Opening

In today’s media-saturated environment, opening a new store with a splash that everyone sees is critical to launching with strong momentum. To paraphrase the famous saying about a falling tree, if a new store opens but no one hears about it, is it really there?

Who are the most promising people to tell about your new store opening? In most cases, you’re targeting the people who live near the store, within a given radius perhaps. There are certain online tools that allow you to narrow down a marketing campaign to a very specific geographical area. But the main problem with those remains – how do you make sure they see your ads, and how do you motivate them to respond?

A brand ambassador campaign can wash through the surrounding neighborhoods, knock on doors, hand-deliver special coupons, free gifts, product samples, or other treats. If you want, they can also ask for contact information like an email address or phone number, and you could include an incentive for giving that information.

This approach guarantees everyone who answers the door in your targeted area will know about your grand opening. Bots may be able to view online ads and distort your data, but they can’t answer the front door.

New Service Area Opening

If your business runs on the service area model, such as many telecommunications businesses do, a brand ambassador campaign is the highest-impact way to introduce yourself to a new service area.

We’ve run campaigns where brand ambassadors knocked on people’s doors, gave a free gift, and asked them to take a survey. As part of the process, they informed each person that their telecommunications service would soon be available in their area. They received a number to call if they had questions or were interested in signing up.

If you tried doing this with a phone campaign, you’d be lucky to get 10% of people to even answer their phones, let alone give you the time of day.

But in person?

Your potential customers can have a nice, friendly, non-salesy chat, receive a free gift, and then get on with their day. You’ll have made a positive marketing ‘touch’ with 70% or more of your target demographic.

What a difference a real conversation makes.

College Campus Marketing

If you work in the type of business where winning a customer in college is akin to winning them for life, you have just a few months (or weeks sometimes) to put your product or service in front of these brand new adults just now beginning to figure out their values, spending habits, and life trajectories.

But they all have new addresses. Often new phone numbers and emails too. And new friends, new habits, new routines. Everything is new to them.

That means, just about any traditional marketing approach will have a tough time reaching most of them.

But a brand ambassador campaign, targeting certain high-traffic areas on the college campus, can engage with large numbers of students and get your message and products right in front of them in a way they appreciate.

You can pass out free gifts, run a contest as a way to collect contact information, offer a survey, or in some cases just wear your product and let people know where to find it.

Marketing is about getting attention. Nothing gets attention better than a real, in-person interaction.

In-Store Free Samples and Product Demonstrations

People already shopping are happy to stop for free giveaways or engaging presentations.

Marketing is partly about activating as many of the five senses as possible. The more senses triggered, the more activity in the brain gets stimulated. Get and hold their attention, and make them experience your product. Most marketing relies on sight and sound. But in person, you can use taste, touch, and smell too.

brand ambassador handing out flyers in a town

Event Promotion and Supplementation

Want to get people’s attention? Give them something to do.

Suppose you’re targeting a business class demographic. Put a coffee cart or ice cream truck outside a major office complex in the afternoon. Give the food away and include a presentation, with written information they can take with them, about your product or service.

Our brand ambassadors can promote events like this, or even produce and coordinate the event itself.

You could combine a front door presentation that reaches people with a first touch one week before the event so people talk about it and then show up. Then, use the same brand ambassadors to run the actual event, so they see a familiar face.

Pass Out Samples and Flyers at Busy Locations

Oftentimes the most cost-effective and high-impact brand ambassador campaign could be at the mall, or next to a busy downtown bus stop.

You can pass out coupons or samples. Run quick surveys. Hold a contest. As long as your product or service is something that appeals to a large number of people at whatever location you select. And, with our proprietary targeting capabilities, we can help you pick the perfect spot.

If collecting emails or phone numbers feels like too big of a step at this point, you can reduce the hurdle by just asking them to follow you on social media. Then, you can engage them later using your other marketing.

All of these methods of brand ambassador marketing accomplish the same thing: They get your product or service right in front of people in ways that don’t annoy them, but instead delight them and deliver a positive experience with your brand. Hence the term – brand ambassador.

brand ambassador making deliveries

Isn’t a Brand Ambassador Campaign More Costly?

Isn’t a Tesla more costly than a bicycle?

You could post on Facebook and boost it, or even turn it into a localized ad, and probably ‘reach’ more people for less money than if you used a brand ambassador campaign.

The question is one of real value for your brand.

Who are you reaching? How valuable are the connections you make using social media with brand new people? How many people in your most targeted demographic are even seeing that ad? How many are responding to it in any way at all, even going so far as to read the whole thing and maybe click the button?

The numbers are incredibly small. Often under 1% engagement.

So yes, you can use that approach, and it will cost less. But it won’t have any impact either.

A brand ambassador campaign gets people talking. People who may not have known about you at all now know very much about what you offer. You’ve leapfrogged over many of the major hurdles of most marketing channels. Instead of 0.8% engagement, with smart targeting and planning you could potentially turn that 0.8% into 80% using brand ambassadors.

For consumers, being met by a brand ambassador is way more fun, more interactive, and doesn’t feel like sales at all. A brand ambassador campaign completely sidesteps the whole Do Not Call mess.

So is it more costly?

Yes, but most things that work, are. If you’re goal is to create a positive return on your marketing investment – this is a winner.

How Do Power Direct Brand Ambassador Campaigns Work?

Reach Anywhere

We can reach any demographic in any location across the U.S.

Highly-Trained and Supervised Teams

We mobilize local brand ambassadors, train with your marketing campaign specs, monitor and supervise them using our extremely rigorous in-person auditing procedures (the same ones we use for front door marketing campaigns), track the data, and report everything back to you.

We Do All the Heavy Lifting

You don’t have to do anything locally. We do it all. And you likely don’t have the time or personnel to implement highly effective campaigns in cities all over the country anyway. Our decades of experience and national team allows us to efficiently produce and scale events anywhere your customers live.

Back-Up Procedures Ensure 100% Visibility

If it’s a door-knocking campaign and the person isn’t home, you can leave a gift for them and a phone number to call, or some other lead generation style approach. So even the people who don’t meet the brand ambassador still see an impactful message. 100% your target audience will see your message.

Digital-Age Targeting at the Front Door

You can focus on an extremely targeted demographic using our highly sophisticated three-pronged targeting data, unrivaled by anyone. See 4 digital-age targeting capabilities available through Power Direct.

With our capabilities, you don’t just have to select neighborhoods, or even blocks. You can select specific houses. Middle-aged women with teens in the home who own two cars. Yes, you can get that specific, by address.

More Questions about Brand Ambassadors from Power Direct?

You probably do have quite a few more questions about whether the brand ambassador approach can be made to fit the specifics of a campaign you have in mind.

If so, let’s talk about it.