Consumers are in Control When it Comes to Insurance Decisions

Insurance marketers are expanding their direct response arsenal; methods appealing to individual needs lead to increased conversions

Insurance used to be a bit more mysterious, with agency support and interaction required for gathering even basic information or price quotes.  But that process would be foreign to many people today – in fact, a large group of young adults are routinely inclined to turn to the web and seek out the most competitive prices and services on their own.  They’re taking insurance research and ultimately policy decisions into their own hands, confident that they have the resources to make choices that are best for them.

Sell more insurance policies with front-door marketing.

The insurance industry is capitalizing on this trend, allocating marketing resources to reach these customers at home, where they are researching and making many of their insurance shopping decisions. Insurance advertising spending is indeed at an all-time high – according to a J.D. Power & Associates report confirming $4.15 billion spent in 2009, or more than double industry figures for 2000.  But in addition to marketing through agents, insurance companies are adding personal appeals to consumers through the uncluttered, grassroots channel represented by the front door. This shift is targeted in large part toward ‘millennials,’ or the 76 million individuals born between 1977 and 1982, and is focused on directly engaging and converting customer prospects.

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Leading insurance firms such as Allstate, Anthem Blue Cross, Nationwide Insurance and Safeway Insurance have utilized front door marketing to generate powerful results in new policy sales.  Further, new drive-to-web options including QR (Quick Response) codes and real-time personalization web applications (which ID responders based on their name and zip code) are effectively reducing abandonment of quote forms with personalized content served up as recipients respond.  Front door marketing tactics like these are also stimulating additional 1-800 agent calls and email inquiries, as well as creating a qualified-responders list for future remarketing programs.

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