Health and Safety During COVID-19

Power Direct has always been the quality leader in safe, accurate deliveries throughout the United States. In light of COVID-19, we’ve implemented new delivery practices to protect the health of our field teams, clients, and recipients.

Effective immediately, deliveries will only be made in pre-approved locations based on our careful, daily review of CDC data and the most recent guidance from state and county health officials.

When deliveries are made, they will follow strict rules, including:

  • All materials are stored in sealed containers and only handled by approved members of the field team after full sanitation procedures have been conducted.

  • All field team members will have their temperature checked by a no-touch thermometer at the beginning of each day and every four hours through the completion of their shift.

  • Any field team member with a temperature exceeding 99 degrees shall not participate in delivery and will not be allowed further contact with other team members.

  • Auditors have been trained in mitigation procedures to safely assist in the removal of any team member who exhibits symptoms or who has come into contact with someone with symptoms.

  • No field team member will be allowed to return until at least 72 hours after they are free of fever (99 degrees F or 37.2 degrees C) or signs of a fever without the use of fever-reducing medications.

  • Before handling any materials, field team members will use hand sanitizers and wear personal protective equipment.

  • The field team will use hand sanitizer every two hours or after each personal break or contact with items other than the pre-sanitized materials to be delivered.

  • Team members will wear face protection at all times.

  • Field team members are to practice social distancing and remain a minimum of six feet from the nearest team member or resident. If a delivery cannot be made without remaining the minimum distance from a resident, the delivery shall be skipped and reported.

  • Auditors will remain a safe distance from field team members while continuing to insure complete, accurate, and safe delivery of all materials.