Power Direct has built the most professional front door marketing distribution system available today and works constantly to maintain this leadership position.

We’re the national leader in door hanger and flyer distribution.

Each year, we deliver millions of marketing pieces to highly targeted households in over 90% of US markets.  America’s top brands trust Power Direct because of our unparalleled quality, accuracy and transparency. We even invite our clients to ride along during distributions so they can see for themselves why we are the industry leader.

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iVerify / GPS Verification

Our in-house GPS teams actively monitor door hanger distribution and respond to anomalies in real-time. The proactive approach means that we can catch and resolve mistakes before we call a distribution complete. Clients have access to our proprietary system, iVerify, so that they can monitor campaign progress from anywhere in the world.

Learn more about iVerify and our GPS verification.

Audit / QC

Our three-tiered auditing program is run by employee auditors who physically oversee each distribution. We don’t leave anything to chance and we never let your media out of our site until it’s securely and accurately placed doors of your customers.

Learn more about our Auditing and Quality Control teams.

Want to know the detailed secrets behind our industry leading auditing program? It’s what makes our company the best, so we keep that information close to the vest. Request access to our auditing white paper here.

Customer Service

Award winning door hanger and flyer distribution requires top-notch customer service. Our California-based customer service teams stands on-call 24/7 to respond to any recipients who reach out with questions. The good news? Our high quality distribution resulted in only one customer service call for every 79,742 pieces delivered in 2018.

Learn more about our customer service.

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Find the answers to your other questions about door hanger distribution below.

Door hangers are distinct from every other form of media. And that’s just the main reason to use them.

That distinction is best expressed in one word:

Distraction. Or, the lack thereof.

Every other form of media advertising brings with it increased distraction. Some forms of media, the amount of distraction is so great that just getting your ads seen is considered an accomplishment, which is why they measure ‘impressions’ – the number of times your ad shows up. Then, you have to wonder how many of those impressions actually got seen when put up against all the distractions of social media in particular, but also other forms of online marketing.

Television, email, radio, direct mail, billboards, and most other forms of marketing media also require you to look for powerful ways to overcome distractions from the same media.

With front door marketing – the official term for door hangers – your advertising has virtually zero distractions. Your impressions will almost equal your number of actual views, meaning just about everyone who gets a door hanger will look at it, because it’s the only thing on their front porch. It feels like a package, a special piece of mail, and so it will garner extra attention, even more than direct mail.

So if getting seen is a priority, flyers are one of your best options, especially when distributed in conjunction with other forms of marketing media, each of which do have their merits.

Beyond being one of the few places with no distractions, front door marketing offers a terrific way to deliver relevant, high value offers to hyper-targeted customers and prospects.

You can use door hangers to run all sorts of campaigns, including:

  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer retention
  • Market expansion
  • Counteracting competition
  • New product launches
  • Grand openings
  • New product trials
  • Traffic generation
  • Production and brand awareness
  • Customer loyalty

Door hangers get attention. When used to send out a targeted, relevant marketing message or offer to a well-considered demographic, door hanger distribution is a great way to ensure a strong return on investment.

Flyers are flimsy, small pieces of paper that flap and fly away in the wind. They are low quality, mass produced, and easy for even small local businesses to use.

Power Direct’s door hangers are an entirely different creation.

They are sturdy, using rigid materials that hold up better, even in bad weather. They are much larger than what most people think of when they think of flyers. And they can even be customized by shape if you want to create a more unique campaign.

Door hangers are more like mini-billboards. Our standard size is 5.5 x 17 inches. A door hanger is a unique item that cannot just be tossed in the recycling. Their size, firmness, and unique presence demands attention, and just about every person who receives one will look at it. This is one of the main reasons our clients often earn such low costs per acquisition and strong ROI.

Door hangers are not flyers. And there are in fact a number of varieties and features you can employ as part of a front door marketing campaign.

The 5.5×17 standard size is just the first of many options. Here are a few others:

  • Catalog-on-a-door – a 4-panel door hanger for featuring multiple products or offers
  • Unique shapes – the ‘Wow Factor’ door hanger is custom cut to whatever creativity your marketing department wants it to look like
  • Scratch offs – make it irresistible for your prospects to interact with your door hanger ad
  • Scratch and sniffs – appeal to the senses and let the smell sell your product

Learn more about these and other types of door hangers.

Yes! In addition to marketing that actually hangs on the door, you can also create overnight delivery envelope look-alikes that are basically impossible not to open because they look like a package.

You can also deliver actual catalogs, free samples, yard signs, and special deliveries. For example, a company with a client-centered business could deliver flowers or chocolates to specific addresses.

These campaigns generally will cost a bit more, but depending on the nature of your campaign and your potential ROI, sometimes going big produces a bigger payoff.

The point is that good front door marketing is not the same as delivering flyers that are flimsy and can be printed at home.

See nine of the most effective types of media to use with front door marketing.

A related question we often get is, do we deliver door hangers to apartment complexes?

Power Direct distributes door hangers to just about any kind of residence. This includes apartments, single family homes, condos, duplexes, and even gated communities.

On rare occasions, condos and apartments may have special agreements with particular distributors. And in cases where a community wants to opt out of receiving any future door hangers, there is a phone number printed on every door hanger that makes this easy. So unless a residence or a community has specifically opted out, we’ll find a way to deliver your door hangers to them.

This is a big question, and the answer is critical. It’s called iVerify.

If you use the Post Office, you pretty much have no way of verifying if they really delivered your campaign. And they actually recycle 200,000 tons of ‘undeliverable’ marketing mail every year, turning it into insulation. Do you want to risk your marketing campaign ending up in someone’s wall?

But it’s not just the Post Office that can despoil your campaign. Bad delivery services with crew members who don’t care and cut corners can cost you big money.

Suppose you’ve identified specific addresses within specific block groups that fit your targeted demographics. Well, some residences are harder to deliver to than others. Sometimes addresses are obscured, or non-existent, or in the wrong order. Some houses have hard-to-reach front doors.

Employees who don’t care, but who are tracked only by GPS, might drive by and go near these places, but not actually deliver the door hanger. After they’re done, they could just leave the remaining door hangers in a dumpster somewhere and take the rest of the day off.

That’s not going to work for you. And iVerify is how Power Direct ensures as close to 100% delivery as possible.

With iVerify, you can see:

  • The exact time of each delivery
  • Which crew member delivered each door hanger
  • How fast they were moving
  • The route taken before and after delivery
  • The percentage of their route that has been completed at any time
  • Auditing photos of door hangers at the proper location

Each crew member is equipped with a clicker, and they click it each time they deliver a door hanger. The clicker records the location of the crew member when distribution took place, and it must be within a certain radius from the front door – just a few feet.

If the click happens too far away, that delivery is flagged and followed up on by an auditor. Yes, you read that right – we actually go and visually confirm that delivery has taken place if there is any doubt.

Again, delivery is the foundation of any physical marketing campaign. It is job number one. Without distribution, nothing else matters, including the offer, call to action, graphics, headline, design, or anything else.

That’s why we take door hanger distribution so seriously, and have created a robust auditing process unlike anything else you can find.

Our quality control process uses three levels of auditing.

First, each delivery crew is supervised by a trained professional who has been doing this for a long time. A bargain-rate delivery service might tell you that ‘babysitting’ delivery crews is a waste of money. But we don’t think so, because your campaign should be delivered 100%, not 80%, not 90%.

Second, another manager works off-site and monitors door hanger distribution data as it happens, and can contact the on-site supervisor at any time.

Lastly, the quality control auditor drives around to visually verify distribution each day of the campaign.

And that’s just the auditing component. We also have other quality control safeguards in place.

You already heard about our GPS tracking, iVerify, and the clickers used by the crew members to note their exact location – latitude and longitude – each time they deliver a door hanger. Beyond that, we also don’t let any crew members work alone. All our crews work in pairs.

And that’s still not all. Each crew member has a vest and ID badge, and the crew is photographed every morning before delivery starts. You can find out exactly which person delivered to each address. And, door hangers are hand counted multiple times per day, so the number that should have been delivered actually IS delivered.

Power Direct delivery crews usually operate with teams of six, broken into pairs, for each campaign. And this includes the on-site employee auditor. But the size of a team really depends on a variety of other factors. Crews can be larger or smaller than six depending on the needs of each campaign.

Just like cost and timing, all our front door marketing campaigns are customized.

There are two parts to this question. How long does it take to start delivering from when we receive your artwork for the campaign, and how long does it take to deliver the actual door hangers?

For the first question, we are usually able to begin distributing door hangers in about 14 days from when we receive your campaign artwork. That means printing and distribution planning can usually be completed within about two weeks. But that too isn’t a fixed promise.

That’s a pretty quick turnaround.

For the second question, delivery obviously depends on the size of the campaign. For smaller campaigns around our, these can usually be done within a few days. For campaigns with hundreds of thousands or even millions of door hangers, it can take considerably longer.

Since each campaign is customized and the targeting can take so many different forms, there really is no way to give a standard estimate for how long distribution will take.

If you’ve targeted an entire block group (census name for a neighborhood), that will take less time to reach the same number of households than a campaign that targets specific households based on the hundreds of demographic categories available through our service. In other words, the more spread out the residences, the longer it will take, in general.

But a 500,000-piece campaign to all the residences in an area would take longer than a 10,000-piece campaign that is hyper specific to certain households.

So – there’s really no way to give a good estimate until the specifics of your campaign are worked out.

Yes! As long as you pre-arrange it, you can have someone from your company ride along with our auditor as it happens. Most clients don’t choose this option, but it is available for anyone who wants it.

The advantage of riding along is that you can watch the auditing and verification processes as they happen, and also track it online. You can see the clicks show up as each door hanger is delivered, while watching it actually be delivered. You’ll know exactly how our process works.

Yes – door hangers can be distributed seven days per week all year long. The only days we don’t deliver are on major holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. The reason for this was mentioned earlier – we want to minimize the chances of any interaction between our delivery crews and residents, and on major holidays most people are home for good portions of the day.

Weather isn’t going to stop your marketing from getting delivered. We deliver in all types of weather, and will make sure your campaigns get sent out in the desired timing, to whatever extent this is possible.

Extreme weather can of course cause delays in some cases, but you will know this as it happens because of the campaign tracking and verification processes we have in place and make available to all our customers.

The worst weather for door hanger delivery is rain and wind. Snow isn’t usually that bad because it doesn’t affect the door hangers. But door hangers are made of paper products. Very sturdy paper products – but paper products nonetheless. So heavy rains can cause some damage to them. And extreme wind can make a perfect door hanger distribution seem a bit chaotic.

So, in extreme weather situations, we can work with you to decide whether to press forward with the original timeline or make some adjustments.

Many residences and communities have specific policies about solicitors. Do door hangers count?

The answer is no, because there is no interactive sales solicitation in the process. In fact, no less than the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that typical solicitation rules do not apply to door-to-door delivery.

Door hanger distribution is essentially like a package delivery service. No one knocks on anyone’s door.

Power Direct distributes door hangers nationwide. Any U.S. city that has people in your target audience can become part of a door hanger distribution campaign.

We have permanent crews in several cities. In places where we do not have a crew, our team will travel to the location for as long as the campaign takes to complete. There are very few places in the U.S. that can’t receive door hangers.

Power Direct works with companies whose project requires delivery of at least 10,000 units. Most projects see such great results that they typically expand to hundreds of thousands or even millions of units.

The cost depends on a number of factors, beginning with the volume of deliveries. Other factors include the target market demographics, the printing specifics such as number of colors, and the type of door hanger media you use. Below, you’ll find some of the front door media options you can choose from.

Whichever specifics your front door campaign requires, we offer a single project estimate that includes targeting, printing, distribution, and delivery verification. All of that comes standard with every estimate we provide. Creative services such as design are available at additional costs.

The real question when talking about cost is, how does one form of marketing compare to others? In terms of cost per acquisition, our clients often see a lower CPA using front door media than they do with many other marketing channels such as TV, direct mail, social media, and online advertising.

So in terms of cost efficiency, ROI, and long term customer value, front door marketing is one of the smartest marketing investments.

Power Direct has partnered with One Tree Planted so that we are being responsible to replant trees in accordance with the paper products used for our door hangers.

And it might surprise you to know that we plant more trees than we use to create our products.

You can find out more about Power Direct’s commitment to sustainability here.

Complaints are rare, but they do happen and we have a process in place to handle it.

A recent analysis showed that we received only one complaint for every 79,742 door hangers delivered. That gives you an idea of how well our approach works. It also shows you how meticulously we track and pay attention to our own data.

Residents might complain about a variety of things. For one, they might complain about the door hanger itself, and object to having it delivered to their residence. This sort of complaint is in line with wanting to unsubscribe from an email list.

Other complaints could revolve around the impact of the delivery such as accidentally stepping a foot on a meticulous lawn.

But no matter the complaint, they can call our California-based customer service team, who are on call every day, 24 hours a day. The number to call is printed on every door hanger.

If they want to opt out of future deliveries, we simply remove them from our database. If the complaint is about the impact of delivery, we investigate using the clicker and GPS data, and the other auditing data. Sometimes, we are able to determine that their complaint isn’t about us, but about a delivery person from another service, or from other causes. In all cases, we do our best to resolve the complaint so that your company comes out looking good.