You’ve heard about how door hangers can break through the clutter and capture the full attention of your ideal prospects, and you want to do a campaign. But what makes a great door hanger campaign?

We’ve been the national leader in front door marketing for decades, so we’ve got a treasure trove of examples of successful door hanger campaigns. In this article, we’ll share a few with you. And we’ll include a variety of door hanger distribution examples — including our tried and true standard 17” x 5.5” stalwart. 

Door hangers are more effective than digital media and direct mail because they greet your prospects on their front porch — free from all other media distractions. 

Here are a few ways various companies have taken advantage of that exclusive environment.

Die-cut customized door hangers

A die-cut door hanger is one that gets cut in a customized way to draw even more attention to your product, with a flair of artistic creativity. Good marketing gets attention and provokes positive emotions. Here are a few examples of companies that have done this with great effectiveness.

Fetch the door hanger bone

A doggie day care ran this campaign featuring a door hanger cut to look like a bone. They offer day camps, overnight camps, and grooming services. The door hanger includes a coupon for a first-night free for new customers, and existing customers can use it for a free doggie bath. 

Thus, it gives a deal to both types of customers. It also includes all their location information, a fun graphic with some humor, and other helpful information — way more than you could easily fit in a typical print ad, and certainly more than you could cram into anything online. 

Can you imagine owning a dog and coming home to find this big bone on your front porch? It’s a can’t-miss impression!

Frozen pancake door hanger

This campaign distributed door hangers with the bottom part shaped to look like a pancake with a bite taken out of it and the phrase ‘Bite Me!’ in huge font. Who’s not going to look at this??

The back offers a very generous coupon and some additional features and benefits about the product. Paired with the right targeting, a campaign like this will earn customers for life. 

Coffee bag door hanger

McDonalds sent out this campaign with door hangers cut in the shape of a coffee bag. The bottom end of the bag included three coupons allowing customers to try samples of some of their coffee varieties. 

Door hanger toilets

Got any old toilets? Southwest Environmental sent out this customized door hanger campaign with flyers cut out to look like toilets. There isn’t much more that company could have done — in any advertising media — to be more memorable than that. 

Recipients are first hit with an attention-getting statistic about toilets and water costs, followed by an incredible deal on a new high-efficiency toilet. The back of the door hanger gives a simple 3-step set of directions, and includes a coupon rebate code. 

Interactive door hanger campaigns

The built-in excitement that you feel when scratching off a lottery ticket can be replicated on a door hanger campaign. 

Scratch off coupons

This company sent out a door hanger with a lottery-like scratch-and-win game at the bottom of the standard-sized door hanger. The prizes were what we call ‘Business As Usual’ offers. In other words, the actual offer wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. But by using a little gamification, it makes the deal feel much more exciting to the prospect.

Forced store visit scratch offs

MetroPCS used a similar approach, but required the customer to bring the door hanger in and scratch it off in the presence of a sales associate in order to claim the prize — a free smartphone. What an offer!

Forcing the customer to come to the store served several purposes. 

First, it gets them to come to the store, which is always good because it increases the chances of them making impulse buys. Second, any other purchases they make will blunt the losses from the coupon prize. 

Third, it provides very accurate tracking data — you’ll know exactly how many people acted on the offer. And fourth, it ensures each customer can only claim the prize once. 

Free gift door hanger campaigns

Another type of door to door marketing you can use is a free gift or free sample campaign. These cost a little more but they make a very strong and very positive impression that is almost irresistible.

Flower bouquet campaign

A tech company sent out actual flower bouquets to all new customers who joined their monthly service. Because most of these customers will end up staying with them for many years, the company could justify the higher cost of this special door to door marketing campaign.

It’s not even selling anything. It’s simply a very personal and impressive way to thank the customer for joining. And the goodwill generated by this will result in more customer loyalty and long term revenue.

Free bean samples

Bush’s Beans sent out free samples to neighborhoods with high concentrations of their desired target demographic, along with coupons to buy more of their product.

With staple products like this, when you can win over a customer for life, the long-term revenue makes the initial door hanger campaign investment worth it.

American flag door hangers

AT&T sent out these door hangers with two holes punched in them and a small American flag inserted, as part of their July 4th marketing campaign, with the clever line about declaring your independence from cable. Thematic campaigns like this can be built around holidays, the start of school, sports seasons and events, and many other ideas.

Eye-catching standard-sized door hanger campaigns 

Even if you go with our standard size (which is so large and printed with such quality that it’s not really standard at all), check out these door hanger campaigns and look at the impact you can have on your ideal prospects when they get home. Imagine seeing this on your front porch!

LA Fitness seeks new customers

Gyms thrive on recurring membership fees. The challenge is getting new customers. LA Fitness sent out this door hanger campaign offering $50 off the initiation fee, lowering the bar for getting started on personal fitness. 

Then, at the bottom, they added a complimentary personal fitness assessment. That lowers the bar even more, because now you’ll get some personal attention as well as some direction on what you can do to improve your physical health.  

Notice how the use of color makes both offers equally eye-catching.

Grand opening announcement door hanger

Sprint sent out this door hanger campaign announcing the grand opening of a new store. Grand openings are a great opportunity to make a special one-time offer, and to win new customers from the competition. 

Sprint offered a $50 bill credit coupon. That’s a great way to convince people to switch carriers, and they know they’ll make it back on the monthly revenue.

Pharmacy door hanger campaign

Tom Thumb Pharmacy sent a campaign to motivate people to start using them to fill prescriptions — another recurring revenue campaign. 

They made a double offer —  a free $25 gift card and 20% off your groceries after they’ve filled three prescriptions. 

Notice that they included a map and their hours. This is the kind of helpful information you can add to a door hanger because of the extra space, compared to something like a newspaper or magazine ad. 

And unlike direct mail, the customer sees the entire presentation on one sheet. They don’t have to open or unfold anything. It requires far less effort to see your full offer and all the incentives.

Want to get measurable results?

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