How Scotch Pools Targeted Only the Most Promising Leads and Prospects (A Door Hanger Case Study)

How Scotch Pools Targeted Only the Most Promising Leads and Prospects (A Door Hanger Case Study)

The money is in the list

You’ve probably heard this dozens of times before, but it remains a perpetual truth of direct response marketing. 

In one of the latest examples of this, we’ve recently completed a project with Scotch Pools in Austin, Texas. Their success in using our exceptional targeting capabilities, combined with a stellar marketing campaign, led to the door hanger case study you’re about to see.

A familiar problem

Scotch Pools faced a problem — one many companies are familiar with. 

They have a great service and they understand their audience. But, when it comes to marketing, they don’t have an easy way to efficiently target the right prospective customers.

Efficient targeting means you send your campaign only to prospects who are highly likely to be interested and who may need it.

In this case, they wanted to promote their pool cleaning and repair services to residences in Austin — but only to homes that have pools. It doesn’t do much good to send a pool cleaning campaign to someone who doesn’t have a pool. 

But, how do you do it? As it turns out, it’s not easy to find accurate, up-to-date lists of homes with pools. Furthermore, just sending letters or postcards through direct mail has too high a risk of being ignored and tossed without the campaign even being considered. 

Scotch Pools didn’t want to put all this effort into getting a highly targeted list, only to see most of their campaign end up in the recycling bin.

So, Scotch Pools came to Power Direct for help. 

Manual targeting via satellite

Just buying mailing lists inevitably leads to greater waste. But with Power Direct’s exceptional and creative targeting methods, Scotch Pools was able to acquire an initial list of 5000 residences within their service area in Austin that all owned pools.

Using satellite imagery, combined with other available demographic data, we provided an ultra-targeted mailing list, which Scotch Pools used to create a door hanger marketing campaign that these homeowners simply could not ignore.

Over periods ranging from 5-10 days, we delivered thousands of door hangers across six zip codes in March and April of 2023. 

What does a campaign cost?

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By combining existing data with our enhanced techniques using satellite imagery, we were able to increase the efficiency of their campaign and minimize waste.

A huge success

Though they had originally planned to only run a single door hanger distribution, the initial campaign was such a big success that Scotch Pools returned a couple months later and asked for another list, adding a couple new zip codes and sending this campaign out in June.

This second campaign included over three thousand more addresses with pools, and also included another 2500 addresses from Scotch Pools’ database.

As we approach the end of summer, they’ve reached out yet again for a third round of deliveries. 

Scotch Pools doorhangers

They’re keeping the data

To top off the campaign’s success, we also gave this highly customized data set to Scotch Pools, so they can continue using it for future campaigns, using whatever methods they want to use.

When you get a customized list from Power Direct, you get to keep it after the campaign is over.

Even better — if you ask for a customized project recommendation — we include an ad targeting report that is yours to keep, even if you don’t work with us on your project.

What this door hanger case study means for you

Whether your company is big or small — and whatever you company sells — you want the most targeted direct mail list you can get. Third party vendors with outdated address lists — even if they attempt to narrow down the targeting — always include flaws. People move, change jobs, change life situations, and all the rest.

Power Direct takes those flawed lists, and combines them with our unique data collection and enhancement methods, to create the most accurate lists for your campaign. 

Then, using our large, durable door hangers instead of direct mail, our team hand-delivers each door hanger to the addresses on your customized list. Sitting on the front porch, these ‘front door billboards’ are impossible to miss and impossible to ignore. Everyone who gets one will look at it, maximizing your marketing efficiency and increasing response rates far beyond what direct mail typically achieves.

Plus, there are other ways we collect data besides satellite imagery. While that can work for companies selling outdoor services such as pools, yard maintenance, solar installation, other services tied to lot size, and perhaps even air conditioning, our team will also use other strategies such as conducting in-person surveys. 

We ran a campaign for Terminix using this approach, first sending a team of brand ambassadors to survey homeowners about their pest control situation. Using this approach, you can weed out renters, who are less likely to pay for such services, and maximize the time of your best sales reps by only sending them to pre-qualified, warm leads. 

Do you have unique targeting challenges? Are you frustrated with poor results or wasteful campaigns? Curious about door hanger distribution costs? Get a free, customized taste of what our team can do (complete with targeting, campaign ideas, distribution timelines, and a cost analysis): Request a project recommendation and estimate.