Power Direct’s enthusiastic, well-trained national network of brand ambassadors
can engage and win over prospects with friendly, memorable interactions. 

Choose from a variety of marketing engagement functions (or invent your own!)

Speak to Power Direct about your experiential marketing campaign objectives
and we’ll work to translate them into specific actions during events.

Brand ambassadors can:

Pass out free samples
Register subscribers to email, text, or lead gen campaigns
Collect contest entries
Walk in a parade or attend local fairs and festivals
Staff convention or trade show booths
Distribute branded merchandise 
Pass out coupons
Participate in community service efforts (food drives, trash pick ups, etc.)
Announce a new store opening or new product launch
Run interactive contests
Conduct surveys
Nearly anything else you can think of!

Available throughout the United States

Who says you can’t be two places at once?

 Our employee-managed teams can provide a synchronized, consistent presence from coast to coast. 
Whoever you want to target, wherever they are, there’s an event for that. If you don’t have a set list of events in mind, we’ll help you find them!

We’re experts at targeting with a dedicated, California-based data center staffed by experienced marketers who can cross reference your target audiences with available events and geographies to determine the most impactful efforts.

No hand-holding required

We can work with your existing event creative, scripting, and brand ambassador toolkits,
or we can help you define programs that represent your brand in a positive, authentic, and memorable way.

Rest easy with robust brand safety protocols and transparent reporting

We administer detailed training and thorough quality control for safety and brand adherence. We also provide
real-time reporting so you can see the impact, or act on new lead generation, immediately. 

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