Our employee-led teams deploy across the country and are highly curated to accurately and enthusiastically represent your brand. 

Power Direct trains talented brand ambassadors on your offerings, communication guidelines, brand personality, and more. So no matter the industry — we’re able to amplify your on-the-ground marketing efforts with key human resources in any market. 


Meet prospects in-person at live events to offer free trials, free gifts, surveys, contests, and more to capture their attention. We can collect leads and feed data to your sales teams in real-time or join your existing in-person sales team to capture prospects’ attention and hand them off to your pros. 


Quick service and fast casual restaurants — including franchises and large independents — can thrive in experiential marketing campaigns. Target particular neighborhoods, events, and venues within distance of a new or existing restaurant location.

You can offer discounts, free drinks or desserts with meals, BOGO offers, free samples, email or SMS signups, and many other offers as part of an experiential marketing campaign. 


Starting a conversation about insurance can be tough. Thankfully, our professional brand ambassadors are great at breaking the ice. Engaging people on issues like risk, customer service, and ‘what would you do if’ situations can make surveys and polls fun to engage with on the street or at a live event. 

We’ll collect and deliver leads to you in real-time, or start conversations with prospects and hand them off to your pros live at the event. 


Make timely and rewarding offers to people who are literally in the vicinity of your store. You can also use polls and contests to appeal to curiosity related to issues that connect with your products.

We also do live, in-store events and off-site brand ambassadorships for retailers of all sizes. 

Entertainment Companies

When facing thick competition, sometimes you need to break through the clutter and engage consumers 1:1. People love to talk about movies, TV shows, music, and their favorite, or least favorite, celebrities. 

Create fun and interactive experiences that get people talking, and use that as a springboard to sign them up for an introductory offer.

Healthcare Organizations

We work with healthcare organizations to supplement community support or representation at live events. Educate your audience about key health issues, explain your services, or simply remain top-of-mind and spur positive consumer sentiment.  

Try an experiential marketing campaign

Beyond cultivating America’s top brand ambassador talent, Power Direct prioritizes data collection, metrics, and reporting so you’ll have quick insights into the impact of experiential marketing efforts. 

We can create and implement ideas from the ground-up. So whether you’re having trouble planning your campaigns (including selecting events) or just need more on-the-ground human resources you can rely on, we’re ready to help.

Brainstorm with an experiential marketing consultant: