25-54, $50,000+
is not a demo.

First: find consumers that are the most likely to convert.

Skip zip codes, store radiuses, or DMA regions. Find the exact neighborhoods where your best prospects live.

Then: reach them with a message they can’t miss.

A message on the Front Door can’t be skipped, blocked, or ignored. And nobody’s better at reaching the front door than Power Direct.

Imagine you operate a burger-focused QSR:

Power Direct finds the exact streets with men 18-25 that spend the most on quick-service restaurants, eat a large proportion of beef, own a car, and live within a 5-minute drive. Then, we deliver a tasty offer they can’t miss or resist.

Our California-based team can do this for any industry.

The Perfect Audience & an Unmissable Message = Amazing Response Rates

We can show you where your best prospects live. And it’s free. Use the data however you like.

Fill out some basic information about your current targeting challenges or an upcoming campaign. We’ll respond with a few additional questions, draw up a custom report, and walk you through everything you need to know. That’s it!

3Kinds of Projects
5Targeting Challenges

The data is yours. Take it with you. Use it for media planning, pass it off as your own work. You own it — keep it forever.

We use real humans from our California headquarters to analyze 3,000+ data points and give you a personalized, accurate report. You keep it, you own it, you can impress your boss with it.

We’ve invested years into proprietary technologies and we’re ready to demonstrate our capabilities.

You owe us nothing. You don’t even have to pick up the phone — just fill out the form at the link.

We provide the second part of the marketing equation. Once you find exactly where your ideal audience lives, we can reach them 1-1 with a message they can’t miss. If you love our analysis, we hope you’ll consider letting us demonstrate the power of our approach.

From Comcast to Walmart, Publix to Best Buy, Power Direct represents America’s leading brands because we deliver above average response rates. Way above average.

But there’s no pressure. It is your data after all. So either way you win.

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