Direct Marketing Media

Power Direct delivers memorable media
directly to the homes of your most valuable target audience. 

More Than the Door

Yard Signs
A proven marketing medium, yard signs are low-cost, require little maintenance, and can deliver strong results for your business. However, finding the right placement can be tricky.
Power Direct’s expert data analytics and targeting teams can secure placement in the most idea location. Plus, our ability to deliver yard signs to the front doors of targeted households makes it easy for fans of your brand, or even a particular political candidate, to proudly display their support.
Car Toppers
Maximize the impact of your front door marketing distribution with car toppers that align our clean, professional vehicles with your brand. It reinforces the local delivery feel of distributions for a real, grassroots community marketing feel.
Direct Mail
With superior targeted and data analytics, we can design a direct mail campaign to augment your marketing efforts with direct response media for a perfect one-two marketing punch. Learn more.

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