Going the Extra Mile with Expert Delivery and Tracking

We’re often asked how we do it – that is, how do we ensure our clients’ branded front-door marketing pieces are being delivered to their pre-determined targets. Well, as far as PowerDirect is concerned, delivery is the mission-critical aspect of campaign deployment.  Execution is everything, and our clients reach their customers based on our sophisticated, technology-fueled approach.

PowerDirect's GPS delivery verfiication is tracked via "clicker" devices carried by our trained walkers.

The selection and education of distribution teams is something we take very seriously. We’ve taken great care to develop a network of skilled and reliable ‘walkers,’ carefully trained in PowerDirect’s systems and processes.  They carry identification and maintain a positive, homeowner-friendly image through their assigned neighborhoods.  Equipped with wireless handheld GPS devices, walkers record their travel paths and geo-tag homes as they distribute client materials.  Timing and exact distribution location can then be pinpointed via Google Earth map technology. This allows potential issues to be recognized in real time via GPS technology integrated on board PowerDirect’s branded delivery vehicles.

Beyond this, four levels of in-field auditors shadow distribution crews to verify accurate and complete delivery.   Our strict auditing standards are part of an advanced, proprietary monitoring system that not only raises industry guidelines, but also ensures superior distribution by compiling proof of delivery via computerized GPS maps, job logs, digital photos and field reports. Auditing staff monitors every job each day and uploads vital information in near real-time, keeping data flowing into PowerDirect’s own tracking systems.  

This layer of accountability distinguishes the expertise and resources of PowerDirect, and it’s one of many factors that make us unique in this industry. Does your front-door marketing partner take great care in developing your campaign but leave you guessing about actual delivery?  Can they show you proof that your offer made it to your customer’s door?