infographic showing targeting options and more

Power Direct can accurately predict, down to the exact neighborhood, where to distribute powerful, can’t-miss miniature billboards for maximum impact. Last year alone, our team spent more than 6,200 hours analyzing over 119,000 block groups. Then, we used that data to successfully deliver 20 million marketing pieces directly to the front doors of our clients’ preferred consumers.

Gone are the days of targeting zip codes, drawing a simple radius around store locations, or wasting media on block groups that don’t meet your criteria. In 2020, door hangers are highly targeted workhorses that are guaranteed to be seen and drive responses.

Delivery is certified by our industry-leading, three-tiered auditing program that lets you see physical proof of delivery.

Reach out to us for a complimentary market analysis. We’ll create a plan for your next campaign. You decide if it’s right for your company.