4-Step Hispanic Door Hanger Marketing Primer

Latino and Hispanic consumers number more than 50 million in the United States, and they possess over $1 trillion in buying power.

They’re also a niche community, and you’re leaving untold millions on the table if you market to them no differently than you do consumers of other ethnicities. Language is only the most obvious difference – though the fact many are bilingual and many speak only Spanish cannot be overlooked either.

Other differences include:

  • Tighter communal bonds
  • Communities that are often harder for perceived outsiders to penetrate
  • Different values on spending, saving, and buying
  • Larger household size, on average
  • Multiple possible countries of origin, each with a unique set of cultural differences

For companies wanting to break in or deepen their bond with Hispanic communities, you need more than the same slick graphic design in a Spanish language version of your ads.

These are the two essential marketing tools you’re missing:

1) Super-precise Hispanic targeting at the household level

2) Credible and value-driven relevant front-door marketing materials, such as our best-in-class door hangers.

example of hispanic door hanger on door

Hispanic Front-door marketing in particular has proven so effective because it connects with this audience in the two areas they have been shown in research to care about the most: Value and credibility.

For instance, we have found that door hangers targeting Hispanic households do very well when they employ group discounts and coupons. Hispanic families and friends are more likely to shop and eat in groups, and to respond to coupons that give special discounts for this option.

Hispanic consumers also tend to spend more money on high-cost fashion and cosmetics than other consumers. Even if you don’t sell those products or services, that tells you something about what they value, and how you can market effectively to them.

Front door marketing also gets more attention and has higher response rates than direct mail, TV, radio, and online marketing – even channels and websites created exclusively for Latinos and Hispanics.


The same reason door hangers work for other audiences – they’re nearly impossible to ignore.

Telemundo, for instance, is a Spanish-speaking television network. But they have launched highly successful door hanger campaigns using Power Direct. Why? Because their own numbers make it plain what is self-evident already: Changing the channel is easy. It’s true on radio and TV, and even more true online. Hispanic audiences are no different from any other in that regard.

But door hangers have no channel to change. You either pick it up, or leave it on your front door. And no one just leaves them on their door, which means everyone picks them up. And picking it up means almost everyone will look at it.

So your Hispanic Front-door marketing materials will get seen by a far higher percentage of the people you send them to than any other form of advertising.

With this in mind – here’s your four-step Hispanic door hanger primer to prepare your next campaign.

4-Step Hispanic Door Hanger Marketing Plan

Step 1: Target the Right Households, in the Right Block Groups, In the Right Cities

examples of hispanic door hanger marketingYou will waste a lot of your ad budget if you just plaster a bunch of neighborhoods you think are “mostly” Hispanic with front-door marketing materials, even if you do it with our much higher quality door hangers. (Higher quality means better printing and color, more durable thick paper that won’t blow away in the wind, sizing and customization options – our door hangers are more like ‘mini billboards’).

Successful front-door marketing campaigns utilize hyper-targeting, super-precise mapping that combines census data, consumer buying power data from several powerful sources, and your own customer data.

When you combine and overlay all these (using proprietary software available nowhere else), your company gains the ability to select far more precisely defined block groups.

For instance:

A big box fashion retailer could send Hispanic door hangers to Hispanic households with teen girls, married parents earning between $60 – 80k who own a home worth over $200k, own 2 vehicles, travel to work by car or public transit, and work in specific industries.

Yes, you can do that.

With these households carefully gleaned from census block groups of around 450 households, your door hangers will be placed only at certain homes within the cities and neighborhoods you select. And with Power Direct’s auditing and GPS tracking, you’ll also get visual verification that every single door hanger was delivered properly.

Read this post to learn more about Power Direct’s household targeting abilities

Step 2: Create a Campaign that Appeals to Your Target Audience

Front-Door Marketing is not just about door hangers. Power Direct offers a variety of front-door media options to meet your specific needs.

Bush’s beans ran a campaign that included free samples sent to specific households in the Hispanic community. The samples included coupons that could be redeemed at nearby Hispanic grocery stores.

Now that’s a campaign virtually guaranteed to succeed, because it’s practically impossible to ignore. Who’s going to throw away a free sample of food that is something you commonly eat? Research has shown that 6 out of 10 Hispanic households use coupons, again a much higher rate than other ethnic groups.

So free samples + coupons = guaranteed high response rate.

This is one way front door marketing stands in a category of one compared to other marketing media.

Step 3: Include Relevant Messaging

If you’re marketing to the Cuban community, what you’ll say and how you’ll say it will differ than if you’re marketing to the Mexican community. Same holds true for Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Honduras, and many others.

But don’t forget, that’s just one demographic category. Remember how precisely you can target with Power Direct’s version of front door marketing. The earlier example just scratched the surface.

For instance, if you sell consumer technology products, you can target ‘early adopter’ Hispanic families of five or more people who make $120k or more. You could then do the same thing but for families who make less than $40k.

Same product, same consumer mindset, but make your messaging (and your offer) relevant to that audience segment, and your Hispanic door hanger campaign will knock it out of the park.

Step 4: Inject High-Performing Offer and Call to Action

Try this free sample.

Come in to your local store to claim your reward or free sample.

Visit this website to activate your coupon code before it expires.

Bring your family in to claim your group discount before supplies run out.

Call this number.

Make crystal clear the offer, the value, and the steps the person must take to respond to your Hispanic door hanger campaign.

hispanic door hanger marketing helps reach the hispanic market

The Rewards of Success in the Hispanic Community

You all know the power of word of mouth. It’s the multiplicative effect of a single good piece of marketing.

With a more closed off community, once you break in, the resulting value you derive is even greater once word of mouth takes off. A Hispanic door hanger campaign carries high potential for a viral effect.

“Did you get that thing on your door?”

That’s the question you want friends and neighbors and coworkers to be asking each other.

As their buying power increases and presence deepens in American culture, the Hispanic community’s value as a marketing segment simply cannot be ignored.

But as you’ve seen, you can’t treat it as one huge block of potential customers. You must slice it down, and with finesse, extract extremely targeted Hispanic segments who are most optimized to respond to a specific campaign with relevant messaging and a clear and high value offer.

Power Direct makes this targeting possible at the household level in ways some online platforms make it possible online. But the difference is, online ads hardly get seen by anyone and are easier to ignore than breathing. But door hangers that target the Hispanic consumers of your products and services are nearly impossible to ignore.

So gain their trust, respect their cultural values, make a credible offer, and give value they respond to, and you’ll be richly rewarded.