Media upheaval is at hand. Some things are going to return to their pre-pandemic state, but others never will. Permanent changes will ripple across our society, and outdoor marketing and marketing in general will not be spared.

Marketers will have to adapt.

Certain consumer lifestyle changes appear to have taken on permanent status, and this will affect both how you market to people and how you target those you most need to reach.

The New Normal — Post-Pandemic

While some people will return to the office, there’s a significant new segment of society who will never again return to working in an office setting. An even larger group will only return part time — working at home the rest of the time.

These new workplace arrangements have led to lifestyle shifts:

  • More people are using exercise equipment at home
  • Home offices have sprung up en masse
  • People have moved away from city centers, spreading out to less congested areas

How will these and other changes to American life affect your marketing?

At-home workout equipment

Marketing Shifts You Can’t Ignore

Let’s look at a few broad categories of marketing.

Outdoor Marketing

With fewer people commuting, that means fewer eyes on billboards every day. Plus, with fewer commuters, it’s likely that traffic jams will be a little less extreme, so even those who are driving will be driving faster, which usually means less time to stare at billboards while you wait for traffic to start moving.

One estimate found that 65% of remote workers don’t want to return to the office. While some of those people will eventually accept a hybrid model, the fact remains – outdoor media is going to experience a noticeable decline (we’re talking millions of people) in available impressions.

Plain white junior billboard on a bus stop in the city

And this extends to other types of outdoor marketing such as street level kiosks, junior billboards, and other signs focused on pedestrians. Many of those pedestrians were workers who will no longer be commuting or living in the city, and will therefore not be walking around town for lunch or other tasks.

With the number of impressions for billboards down, marketers need to find other methods to reach these huge swaths of their audience they used to reach with traditional outdoor marketing.

Direct Mail

The Post Office is struggling even more than ever. It is raising rates again, considering removing days from its delivery schedule, and dealing with package theft.

If the Post Office removes Saturdays, it’s taking away an opportunity to reach consumers on a day where many are the most relaxed — home from work and with an open mind to sorting through various marketing materials.

So yes, while direct mail is still a great way to reach a targeted audience, prices are rising, and headwinds are increasing.

Other Advertising Media

Radio has been pummeled by the pandemic-related changes. People listen to the radio most often during their commutes. Fewer commutes means fewer listeners. Streaming, podcasts, and other audio entertainment options have also intruded on traditional radio.

Streaming video has also taken some big bites out of cable TV, and cord-cutting continues to accelerate. TV impressions are therefore also down, but the costs of advertising aren’t. So it’s getting harder and harder to hit your ROI targets using television marketing. Yes, you can use product placement in streaming shows, but that’s hard to sustain on a consistent basis. It also has no call to action, and measuring effectiveness is difficult.

Hand holding a phone featuring various streaming platforms on the screen

Newspapers are hanging on, but with fewer subscribers, relying on free standing inserts (FSI) has become less lucrative, and big advertisers are re-evaluating that part of their marketing.

Digital Marketing

Everyone is online, but a lot of people are getting tired of it. Zoom fatigue is only one aspect. Social media fatigue is leading more people to crave tangible, real, substantive interactions. That’s not just people. It’s also with marketing. Digital marketing fatigue is taking over as people resist items on their screens beckoning them to take action.

For marketers, try to break through all the noise and clutter is starting to feel like shouting in a windstorm.

How Can Marketers Be Seen in the Post-Pandemic Age?

There’s one form of advertising that is seeing only upsides in the world after COVID-19.

That media is front door marketing.

Front door marketing is just about guaranteed to be seen. No other form of marketing can make that claim. And with people so accustomed to checking their front doors for packages these days, a high-quality front door advertisement will be received very differently than direct mail.

With front door marketing, you can’t delete it. You can’t unsubscribe from it. You can’t click away. You won’t get distracted by other ads, tweets, posts, or comments. It captures your full attention for long enough to make you consider its offer.

Large, high-quality, yellow door hanger promoting a fitness club hanging on brown double doors of a house

With Power Direct, front door marketing is much more than just door hangers. These aren’t little fliers flapping in the breeze. These are high quality, weighty, large presentations.

You can also increase interactivity using free samples, scratch-offs, and other methods to facilitate engagement with your message.

Your Biggest Worry about Front Door Marketing

The biggest worry most companies have with what are traditionally known as door hangers is that they won’t get delivered. But Power Direct isn’t your typical door hanger distribution company who will hire just about anyone with a pulse.

We use a trackable delivery system with multiple checks and confirmations that assures you of nearly 100% delivery. You can even monitor it as it happens in real time.

A young man in a bright green vest carries a stack of door hangers to deliver.

Maybe your company has never run a front door marketing campaign and you’re wondering, why start now? The reason is simple, and you’ve already read about it if you’ve made it this far.

Other forms of media are losing impressions and effectiveness. You’re spending more, but getting less. Re-allocate some of your marketing budget away from those forms of media, and use it for a front door marketing campaign.

With exceptional targeting capabilities, over 600 demographic categories, and easily trackable results using direct marketing methods, your front door marketing campaign will be a better experience than many of these other forms of advertising.