iVerify GPS Verification

Only with Power Direct can you see the exact
location of your front door media delivery. 

iVerify devices track the paths and geotag homes as client materials are distributed.

Our live GPS tracking offers both snail trail and on-demand location logging. Data is continuously sent to our in-house, California-based monitoring center who work directly with our employee-led auditors in the field to correct issues in real time.

We can verify that media is delivered to the actual front door of each target address — not the curb, sidewalk, or front gate. 

Power Direct offers client access to follow campaign progress within iVerify. Your own portal provides access to live monitoring and reports of day to day delivery. Map the progress of a campaign or process a report for the total events registered from a delivery crew thus far at the push of a button. Enjoy peace of mind in knowing and seeing your investment transpire on screen.

Together with our employee-led auditors, we achieve nearly perfect delivery every single time

6 levels of GPS-enabled protection:

Point-of-delivery physical evidence with clickers
Time-stamped clicks
Click must be within specified radius of pinpoint marker
Verified speed of walker and anomaly tracking
Active off-site monitoring
Weather reports and photos of walkers and media

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