Leveraging the Front Door to Influence Voters in the 2012 Election

Advertising spending for political campaigns is expected to surpass $4 billion this year, and already the Obama campaign has outspent all of his Republican counterparts with $14.4 million spent on advertising through the end of January, the majority of which had gone to TV and online.

Door hangers work for any type of political campaign, whether state or local.

While using TV and online media is common among political marketers, an oft-forgotten media that drives a targeted, uncluttered, engaging message to voters at home is front-door marketing. Historically, the door hanger media has been used by political campaigns, usually by volunteers who distribute the door hanger and then solicit the homeowners as well. While political door hangers may have a very grass roots history, today’s door hanger is a more sophisticated direct marketing tool.

With a professional front-door partner, data analytics can now profile voters based on demographic and psychographic information at a more targeted block group level, and trained delivery crews can begin delivery in your market, district or state in less than 14 days. The media itself has also changed, with an increase in size and full-color graphics that make an impact at the door.

What does a campaign cost?

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Door hangers today are very different from their predecessors, and this media has been successful in engaging and driving results in other competitive industries such as consumer packaged goods, telecommunications, and restaurants. For political marketers who are looking to reach and influence voters, then today’s door hangers might be the answer.

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