Marketing Cheat Sheet for 2024 Q2: See Marketable Dates and Events Coming in Spring

Marketing Cheat Sheet for 2024 Q2: See Marketable Dates and Events Coming in Spring

One of the most tried and true marketing strategies is to piggyback on top of existing events and dates that happen as part of the culture. These upcoming dates are coming, and if you can take advantage of the pre-existing interest and excitement that surrounds some of them, your company can reap the rewards. 

Here’s a list of upcoming marketable dates and events in Q2 for 2024:

March Madness — starts March 17th 2024

The NCAA college basketball tournament goes into early April when the second quarter begins. One of the great benefits of March Madness for marketers is that it lasts for three weeks. So you can create campaigns that will have extended shelf life. You don’t need to reap all the benefits in just one day or weekend. 

If there are tournament games happening in your city, people will be coming from all over the country to see their teams. This might be a great opportunity for some experiential marketing to engage fans outside the stadium. 

St. Patrick’s Day — March 17th 2024

Yes, this isn’t technically in Q2, but it’s close enough, and because it dovetails with Selection Sunday when March Madness officially begins, you might be able to blend this fun holiday with the excitement that surrounds the early days of the tournament.

Easter – March 31st 2024

It’s a bit early this year, and that means Easter is also happening toward the tail end of March Madness. Did your favored hometown team lay an egg in the second round? Maybe you can use an Easter campaign to brighten the mood. 

Spring Sports – local and youth

Spring sports events go throughout Q2, and if you’re trying to launch some local marketing campaigns, these can be great opportunities to engage the community. This could include hiring brand ambassadors to help run an experiential marketing campaign. It could also mean doing sponsorships of local teams, or front door marketing that taps into local sports in some way.

NBA and NHL playoffs

Professional basketball and hockey both begin their playoff seasons in April, and it stretches into June. This is another extended period of time where you can create marketing campaigns that latch onto the pre-existing excitement around the playoffs. Especially if you want to expand or re-engage a city or state with a team making a deep playoff run, quarter two of 2024 may be the year to do it.

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Mother’s Day – May 12th 2024

A well-timed front door marketing campaign might be a great way to boost sales in the week leading up to Mother’s Day. With a little planning, you can send out free samples, incentivize in-store visits, drum up new leads, offer free trials or coupons to win new customers, and much more. 

Memorial Day – May 27th 2024

This is a holiday about respecting those who have died in war, so don’t lead off your campaign with “Happy Memorial Day” or paint it as a celebration. But people gather and also travel on Memorial Day, so it’s a great opportunity to engage customers and attract them to your brand or store.

Motorsports Day – May 26th 2024

Marketing is all about knowing your audience, and there is a big audience for these. Technically this isn’t an “official day”, but the Monaco Grand Prix, Indianapolis 500, and Coke 600 are all happening on this day. And since it’s the same weekend as Memorial Day, you can benefit from the combination. These live events are also great opportunities for experiential marketing campaigns.

Graduation day

The specific dates will vary, but most graduations happen in late may or early June. Any time people are celebrating major milestones like this, they buy things and go places. That makes this another great marketing opportunity. 

Father’s Day – June 16th 2024

Don’t miss this major opportunity as people give gifts and head out. You can create a campaign that aligns with the importance of strong family bonds and gratitude. 

Use a door hanger campaign or brand ambassadors to target customers 

Door hanger marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach customers. Even better than direct mail, it engages people right on their front porch. And when you use Power Direct, you get much more than flimsy flyers that fly away in the breeze. These are sturdy, large mini-billboards that cannot simply be tossed away.

Even better, you can target customers based on a treasure trove of demographic and psychographic data, as well as your own customer and prospect data. 

For example, if you wanted to create a graduation day campaign, you’d want to target families who have high school or college-age children. You can be ultra-efficient with your door hanger campaign when you use all the targeting and analytics tools offered as part of our service.

Here’s a case study of the type of targeting we can do.