Power Direct delivers a variety of media types directly to the front doors of your custom, highly-targeted audience.

Door Hangers

These aren’t the local “flyers” you’re used to. No, our standard door hangers, trusted by America’s top brands, are best described as jumbo, mini-billboards. Made of thick, high-quality materials, these are guaranteed to get your customer’s attention and they won’t blow away in the breeze.

We also have a variety of unique options such as custom die-cuts, scratch and sniffs, and more. Read more about our media options here.

Kits and Sampling

Most purchase decisions are made outside of the retail environment. The front door offers a competition-free way to get in front of a highly-targeted audience and greet your customers with a one-to-one message they can’t miss.

Delivering your samples directly to the front door greatly increases the chances that they interact with and try your product. Our advanced data analytics and targeting services, even sold as a stand-alone service, are much more accurate than direct mail and allow you to reduce waste and run highly efficient campaigns.


Free standing inserts are a great way to get mini-catalogs in front of consumers. Unfortunately, print newspaper readership is down and this medium reaches an increasingly narrower demographic.

Alternatives for catalog delivery are expensive and solutions like regular mail mean that you have to compete with other marketers’ messages. The front door offers a competition-free way to reach a highly targeted consumer base. Our targeting capabilities are much more robust than direct mail, and by putting your catalog or FSI in a bag hanging from the door, it raises the perceived value of your materials and get you a moment of exclusive attention.

Do you want measurable results for your business?

We’d love to talk about how we can customize a front-door marketing campaign for your products or services.