a house with a door hanger on the door, footprints leading to a business - winter scene

As you prepare for the 2019 Holiday Shopping Season,

consider some of the elements that go into making a successful holiday marketing campaign: creative ad copy, compelling deals, accurate targeting, and memorable imagery.

They all work together to ensure your offers are seen and remembered, and motivate your customers to take action.

Coupons and sales remain a fantastic driver of customer action and print remains the most effective medium to deliver these deals.* But for these to be successful, your customers have to notice your message.

Placing your messages directly on the front doors of your most ideal customers means that your offers won’t be missed in the clutter of the holiday marketing season. The right people will see and physically interact with your offers, and you’ll get results.

Fortune 500 retailers across America have discovered this winning piece of their media mix, and trust Power Direct to deliver millions of highly targeted messages to 90% of U.S. markets each year. We’re the industry leader because of our proprietary targeting capabilities and our complete and accurate distribution – lead by the only employee auditors in the industry.

This year, consider including a strategic front-door campaign in your holiday marketing plan and drive customers directly from their front door to yours. Call or email me today to get a sample plan for your holiday campaigns.

*Source: Media Post