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It’s been a while since we’ve updated our news, so let me take a minute to bring you up to date and invite you to download Adweek’s Special Out-of-Home Advertising Report.

It includes new and useful information from PowerDirect Marketing and other industry thought leaders about the latest developments in this exciting media category. Meanwhile, here’s what’s new at PowerDirect:

New programs. New positioning. New people.

New growth, too! In fact, last year we experienced 75% sales growth over 2008, thanks to great clients, who allowed us to develop some really innovative programs for them. This momentum has carried over into 2010, which promises to be one of our busiest and most exciting years ever. In the past few months alone, we’ve:

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  • Introduced our new “Science of Front-Door Marketing” brand positioning. I hope you’ll (download the PDF), but in a nutshell, the article explains how PowerDirect combines the more “scientific” direct-response methodologies (predictive modeling, analytics, variables testing, post-surveys) with emerging technologies, like GPS tracking and web-based monitoring, to essentially revolutionize Front-door Advertising. The issue hasn’t been out long but we’ve already received scores of calls requesting our complimentary sample packet (click here to receive yours).
  • Established a new business unit called PowerDirect Energy. As described on our new website, this group is exclusively dedicated to using our front-door marketing, integrated communications and program-design expertise to help utilities promote residential energy conservation. The interest we’ve received so far has been tremendous, so we’re looking forward to serving many new customers in this very promising but underserved market.
  • Created a new shared, front-door marketing program called PowerShopperTM, which helps retail advertisers overcome the promotional limitations posed by TMC programs and falling newspaper subscriptions. PowerShopper reaches high-spending retail consumers, directly at their door, on Saturday and Sunday, with retailers’ pre-printed inserts. All delivered in a durable, full-color branded polybag (get your program information sheet now).
  • Launched PowerSamplingTM, another front-door marketing option that allows advertisers to get samples into consumers’ hands before they make their shopping lists. Download a copy of our program information sheet for details. According to Information Resources International (IRI), in their October 2009 Times and Trends Report, 83% of consumer buying decisions are now made at home, and coupon redemptions were up nearly 20% last year. Email me now if you’d like a copy of the IRI report.
  • Appeared in Adweek’s Special Out-of-Home Advertising Report, an informative resource you can download here. This opportunity was especially exciting for PowerDirect. Not just because one of our most successful direct-to-door programs was featured (McDonald’s McCafe launch) or that our CEO was interviewed. But also because we unveiled to millions of marketers, agency staffers and media companies our new brand positioning.
  • Hired several experienced and very talented marketing, sales, operations and support team members, many of whom are working with me now to meet or reconnect with PowerDirect’s past and current customers.

So what’s new with you?

There’s a lot more to tell but I’ll save some for next time. Until then, please feel free to contact us at (949) 253-3440. Let us know what you’re doing now and whether your marketing and promotional needs have recently changed. We have a lot more ways now to help you get the results and ROI you want. Click here to sign up for our quarterly newsletter, containing our latest news, valuable marketing tips and special offers.

P.S. Don’t forget to download Adweek’s Special Out-of-Home Advertising Report, featuring PowerDirect’s new, cost-saving programs.