The Single Most Effective Media for Out of Home Advertising

Better Targeting, 100% Deliverability, Higher ROI – And You Haven’t Even Heard of It?

Pop Quiz: What do Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, and Oculus know that you may not?

Answer: That Out of Home (OOH) advertising works.

What’s surprising about this is that these are tech companies. Even more, most of them are tech companies that sell advertising online. And yet these companies are all spending ever-increasing amounts of their advertising dollars in traditional media.

And within that sphere, they’re paying particular attention to out of home and digital out of home advertising opportunities.

Do you see where we are going here and why this is so significant?

These are tech companies that sell online advertising. But they themselves are advertising using traditional media – notably including out of home ads.

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These companies know their stuff. If anyone knows data, it’s them. So it’s not much of a leap to infer that their data told them, “We need to start targeting using OOH advertising.” And aided by modern technology (much of which these companies have developed), demographic targeting using outdoor advertising like billboards and bus shelters has become much more effective. The primary source of this data is the smartphone, because of how people use them and the data they collect. There’s a lot more we could say on this, but that’s not the point of this article.

The point is – tracking and targeting using OOH advertising has greatly increased in its sophistication and effectiveness in just the last few years. And it’s working.

Even though traditional media is projected to decline by 1.7% in the next five years, out of home advertising increased 4.1% in the last ten and is projected to grow 2.8% more in the next five. They’re trending in opposite directions. In 2018, OOH was the only traditional media to grow in ad spend, and at a robust 4.6% clip.

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Why Is Out of Home Advertising Growing?

Because it works. It gets noticed. It can’t be clicked away from. Especially DOOH, which is growing even faster as a share of the overall OOH advertising trend.

Want more online traffic? Nielsen reports that out of home advertising is the most efficient medium for delivering qualified traffic to your website. Again – these are qualified visitors taking real actions, not fake and worthless traffic like bots and spammers.

Benchmarketing reports that companies earn an average of $5.97 in ROI for every $1 spent on out of home advertising, which beats all forms of traditional media except television.

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What’s the Best Out of Home Advertising Media to Use?

A better way to ask this is, which media is best for your company and your marketing goals. You might be surprised to find out how many different types of out of home advertising are available to you. Here’s just a sample:

  • Airports
  • Bike racks
  • Bus interiors
  • Bus benches
  • Cinema – shown before the movie starts
  • Gas stations – while people are filling up
  • Kiosks
  • Pedestrian panels – especially in high foot-traffic urban environments
  • Posters
  • Taxi cabs (inside the cab and on the roof)

This list represents less than half of the types of out of home advertising you can utilize to reach targeted prospects. It’s a lot more than just billboards and blimps.

So you have options. And with the tracking and targeting advancements made possible by today’s technology, you can target precise demographic categories with out of home advertising, much like you try to do online.

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The ironic thing is, the most effective form of out of home advertising isn’t on that list. Everything on that list (and the many more forms of OOH media you can find on industry sites) has one significant drawback:

The viewer has the option to look away.

Again – OOH is far more effective at gathering eyeballs than anything online. You can’t minimize it. You can’t click away. You can’t scroll down. The advertisement is there, and you have to deal with it.

But you can ignore it. You can choose to not engage it. You can choose to not even look at the offer or message.

And it is in this detail that the most effective media option for out of home advertising emerges:

Front Door Out of Home Advertising – Premium-Level OOH

With Front Door Marketing, the viewer has almost no choice but to look at your ad. It’s on their front door! What are they going to do, leave it there? Even if they take it directly to the recycling bin, they are quite likely to read at least part of it along the way. Far more likely than a random commuter who passes by the same billboard every day, or the transit rider who sits on the same bus every day.

For them, these out of home advertisements have the potential to become just background noise. The imperative to break through that noise and again demand attention rests with the advertiser.

But with front door marketing, there is no background noise.

There is a single advertisement, strategically placed on their front porch. For a few moments, that advertisement will consume their full attention. With front door marketing, you have more time and fewer distractions between you and your prospect. Fewer than any other form of out of home advertising. Far fewer than any other form of traditional media like radio and TV. And far, far, exceedingly far fewer distractions than anything online.

Power Direct is a huge fan of out of home advertising, because we know that the key to successful marketing is to break through the clutter and get attention. An ad unnoticed is an ad without a purpose… and without a response. You must get noticed, and most of the out of home options beat most of the others at this, especially online.

But front door marketing stands alone as the only form of advertising that reaches 100% of its targeted audience.  Every household that receives the ‘mini-billboards’ we place on their doorsteps will see it. Plus, the majority of people who see any other out of home ad are not in the target market. And what percentage of those in the target market will see and respond to those ads?

It will be a much lower percentage than with front door marketing.

So –

Is out of home advertising a strong option for targeting ideal prospects? Yes.
Will it capture more attention than anything online? Yes.
Will it capture more attention than traditional media? Most of the time.

Front door marketing says yes to all those questions too – but it also offers 100% ‘impressions’ within your targeted audience – which every home can be when you take advantage of Power Direct’s proprietary targeting and auditing processes.

No other form of media can offer anything close to 100% impressions. Now, all you have to do is go write a good ad.

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