QSR Results in ACSI Customer Satisfaction Survey

QSRMagazine.com released an article yesterday highlighting some customer satisfaction results from the ACSI’s (American Customer Satisfaction Index) latest annual report.

The general trend is that bigger chains saw a boost in their customer satisfaction numbers, mainly due to how customers perceive value in this type of economy. See David Von Amburg’s quote below.

“In a down economy, in an economy where consumers are more challenged in terms of their spending, the biggest chains … are probably best positioned to leverage generating revenue via value.”

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“When the economy is good, those kind of smaller establishments tend to thrive, but when the economy is on a downturn, it’s much harder for those small players to leverage price, to leverage value. As a result, satisfaction will typically suffer, because in a down economy, what are customers looking for? Not so much quality as value.”

Find out if your chain made the list; click here to read the rest of the article.