Restaurants Increase Traffic by Influencing Dining Choices and Engaging Customers at Home

Front-Door Marketing Can Effectively Reach the Best Prospects in Range of Dining Categories

Whether launching a new menu item, promoting a signature dish, trying to reach a specific customer segment (e.g. Hispanics), or build traffic around a specific day or week part, front-door marketing is well-suited to help restaurant chains make the most of renewed consumer foodservice spending.  But while many restaurant operators anticipate increased consumer spending, they are still acutely aware of new long-term attitudes toward frugality. Capturing the consumer’s attention is essential to cornering these carefully spent dollars, as well as maintaining a brand identity that is meaningful to the customer – expectations all met through effective targeting of front-door campaigns.

Target heavy fast food users, also known as "HFFUs", with front-door marketing. (Image courtesy of The Consumerist, via

As restaurants have become more and more innovative – developing creative pricing strategies, locations and food concepts – they are taking care to connect these strategies with the right audience.  Thoughtful analysis enables development of target groups that consider not only the best prospects, but where they live and the likelihood that they will visit a particular restaurant chain. Data modeling extends targeting resources by further identifying “look alike” prospects whose demographic or behavioral profiles mimic those of best-performing customers.

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These groups can be targeted in much smaller units, using “block groups” of about 400 households rather than entire zip codes, and include variables such as type of chain user, brand affinity, and usage occasion. Block groups can also be segmented according to visit frequency; in particular, heavy fast food users (known as “HFFUs”) can be reached readily. Leading restaurants such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Denny’s have leveraged this level of sophisticated data, along with high-quality physical media, eye-catching creative and an attractive offer.

Are you making the most of the opportunity to engage, deliver value and reach potential diners at home, where they consider options and plan their time and budgets?  Front-door marketing can reach the right customer with the right offer, making you more competitive in introducing new stores, boosting frequency of dining visits, party size or value of average checks.