Start the New Year Fresh with Power Direct Marketing

start fresh with new year's marketing strategies

new year marketing strategies include marketing health-focused products

Start Fresh: Ideas for Marketing to the New Year Attitude

1. Start Healthy

Market products that enhance health.  The biggest category of sales goes to gym memberships, health supplements, diet plans, and exercise equipment.  If you’re in or near these niches, get ready for a New Year’s windfall.  Power Direct can help with custom data targeting to make sure you reach exactly who you’re looking for.

new year's marketing should focus on products that promote safety and security

2. Start Safe

Market products that promote safety and protection.  After the New Year, people start to think about reshaping their lives and protecting their families.  It’s a prime opportunity for you to offer your safety product, iPhone case, identity protection service, or password protection app.  You’re sure to get your audience’s attention with Power Direct door hangers personally delivered to their front door!

What does a campaign cost?

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promote organization products like these for successful new year's marketing

3. Start Neat

Market products that help with organization and productivity.  After the hangover clears on January 1st, people are looking for a New Year remedy.  Anything from pens and iPads to organization and productivity will appeal in major ways.  With a mini billboard on your target’s front door, your message won’t get lost in the New Year’s haze.

market products that help with cleanliness for the new year

4. Start Clean

Market products that facilitate cleanliness.  Customers are getting into the cleaning spirit after the holiday buzz wanes.  Besides, there’s all that post-party mess to clean up and organize!  Make a statement in the new year with targeted door hangers to keep the after-party slump from affecting your brand.