three photos of street team members

Street Team

Our professional brand ambassadors know how to make a good impression. Reach your ideal audience, identify specific warm prospects, and gather detailed information to execute a winning sales strategy.

Brand Ambassadors

Introduce your offer and spark a conversation at special events, on campus, or in a key neighborhood.

Survey and Data Collection

Use our proprietary software — Power Direct Surveys — to identify key information like household infrastructure or service subscriptions, to create hyper-targeted marketing

Door-to-door Lead Generation

Have one-to-one conversations with targeted prospects to generate new leads and book appointments.

We’ve proudly helped market clients all over the U.S.

Power Direct works with America’s top companies to instantly expand their footprint in communities and efficiently collect targeted data for better marketing and sales results.

Do you want measurable results for your business?

We’d love to talk about how we can customize a front-door marketing campaign for your products or services.