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Brand Ambassadors Deliver

Meet customers in their world and make a memorable impression

Instantly grow your marketing team for the power you need to engage your target audience on the ground and face-to-face — in the communities where they live, work, and play. 

 Use Brand Ambassadors at live events, door-to-door, and through community service projects to cement brand and product awareness for your targeted prospects.

Power Direct Street Team distributing materials on a busy street

Event and Booth Marketing

Introduce your product, make an offer, and spark conversations at live community events, festivals, outside sports stadiums, on campus, and in targeted neighborhoods.

Survey and Data Collection

Send a brand ambassador team door-to-door to conduct surveys, collect data, and connect prospects with your sales team. Use our proprietary software or connect to the CRM or data software of your choice with our API.

Social Awareness and Cause Marketing

Use on-the-ground community service and cause marketing right in their neighborhoods to help infuse your brand into the world of your prospects, and make a powerful and memorable impression.

Door to Door Lead Generation

Send a dedicated team to meet with prospects, explain a new product or service, do a quick survey to gauge interest, and sign up those who want to be notified when the new product goes live. Use our proprietary software or connect to the CRM or data software of your choice with our API.

National Brands Who Have Partnered with Power Direct

Power Direct works with America’s top companies to break through the noise and reach directly into communities using advanced targeting methodologies. We help them make offers and collect data which can be used for more effective follow-up marketing. The result? Bigger sales and better marketing efficiency.

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