At Power Direct, we take sustainability seriously. As the national leader in front-door marketing, we know we must also be the leader in sustainable practices to help the earth for generations to come.

Even though it’s more difficult and more expensive, we believe the extra effort is worth it.

Fact: We plant more trees than we use

As part of our ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility, we’ve partnered with One Tree Planted to more than offset our impact and PrintReleaf to help coordinate and officially certify our efforts.

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Sustainable Printing Practices

Printing that is Environmentally Responsible.

All the front-door marketing we create is printed on a minimum of 10% recycled paper. But our clients have the option of going much farther.

All clients have the ability produce on paper certified to Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forestry Initiative standards. This means the paper originates from responsibly managed forests.

Our printers also use vegetable-based inks, which are naturally low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so they do not contribute to air pollution.

Consumers today respond favorably to companies that go out of their way to protect the environment, and it’s simply the right thing to do. When clients use Power Direct, they know that they are getting effective marketing delivered in an environmentally responsible way. It’s a message that they can pass on to their customers without having to do a thing. It’s a win for everyone (and the planet)!

Facts About the Print Industry and Forests (1)

We Plant More Trees than We use.

In fact, the US Forest Service predicts that 1.7 millions trees are planted each day by the wood and paper products industry. And, US Forests are growing approximately 36% more than the amount of tree removal each year.

Paper is largely sourced from privately owned land. Those landowners are incentivized to replant trees for future use – and they do. They don’t just cut and run.

The truth is, the print industry is not responsible for the global deforestation you hear about on the news. Even though that’s the case, Power Direct is still taking the lead in fighting international deforestation. Read more on that below.

Around the Office and in Our Operations

Environmental responsibility begins before any one of our employees even step into the office. That’s why all of our employees are trained in sustainability and expected to make an extra effort to save energy and recycle both while at work and in their personal lives. Employees are also encouraged to use public transportation, commute together, or even work remotely from their homes in order to reduce carbon emissions. We believe that every action we take should reflect a conscience effort to contribute to environmental well being.

Both around the office and in our distribution, we recycle at every opportunity so that unused materials are given a second life – not just sent to the overcrowding landfills. We’ve invested in energy efficient lighting and appliances. But beyond that, we make the extra effort to limit our use of energy consuming devices.

We opt for partners that share the same focus on sustainability. Even if they are more expensive, choosing to work with companies that act ethically and responsibly toward the environment takes precedent. Our printers must meet minimum standards of recycled materials and responsibly sourced inks as well as employ programs internally to reduce waste.

We believe that the small things add up and that even though it takes a little extra effort – it all adds up to give back to the earth we all share.

Forests We Help Protect:

a new forest being replanted in India
Brazilian forests