The Short List: Brands, Marketing to Women, and Loyalty Programs

Our mish-mash list of articles on the web that we find interesting, compelling, and should be on your radar.

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  1. According to an Experian study, this year’s holiday season is expected to grow 1% to 2% over last year’s. The holiday and winter shopping season competition is gearing up, with retailers hoping to attract female shoppers with their latest partnerships with private labels. MNG by Mango recently finalized their exclusive deal with JC Penney, Macy’s launched Madonna’s Material Girl collection earlier this month, and Sears still exclusively distributes the junior brand BONGO.
  2. Marketing to women apparently means better packaging, for one thing.
  3. Expect to see an increase in Kroger’s store-branded line of cosmetics and beauty later this year and into 2011.
  4. Do customer loyalty programs give you a competitive edge?  Ninety percent of respondents in the National Restaurant Association’s latest survey think so.
  5. The latest partnership between online and offline media is apparently scented banner ads.