Value Beats Ad Clutter Every Time

Front-Door Marketing Bypasses a Crowded Media Landscape to Meet Your Best Customers at Home 

With the onslaught of brand messages permeating nearly every facet of life, why do marketers think more of ‘the same old same old’ is a good idea? It’s misguided to say that the means to beat ad clutter is to just distribute more and more of it. 

Instead, why not increase the effectiveness of underused, grassroots channels to deliver value? Savvy marketers—and savvy customers—are becoming well aware of the front door as valuable real estate in this effort. No barriers remain at the front door, and newfound abilities to target effectively have evolved this channel into a conduit for brands to deliver VIP treatment that equates to value and drives response. A recent PowerDirect article in Marketing News, an online publication of the American Marketing Association, details this phenomenon and highlights the targeting strategies that are fueling highly effective front-door marketing today.

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More than ever before, being heard has to do with delivering value. And achieving this demands an understanding of what makes an audience tick, and ultimately acknowledges that relevance and value are what fuel long-term customer relationships with specific products and services. Do your campaigns focus on delivering value as a priority?  What are you doing to demonstrate an understanding of what your best customers need and expect from their favorite brands?