Win Big with Sport Fans

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As the NFL wraps up its season this weekend, Cowboys Stadium will be filled to capacity with the seats practically selling themselves. This, my friend, is a sports marketer’s dream.  Unfortunately, this scenario is the exception and not the rule. A big event like the Super Bowl, the NBA play-offs or the World Series is sure to pack them in. But how do you get fans to the field or the court during the regular season or if you’re not the reigning champion?

It’s no easy feat but a team hits pay dirt when they pack the stands – aside from ticket sales, they can be looking at money rolling in from food, merchandise and parking fees as well. And it isn’t just professional sports, but collegiate and amateur as well. Getting fans to your venue is critical in increasing profits.

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But American budgets are tight and attending sporting events is one of those ‘entertainment’ options that people are curtailing even though they might still wish they could indulge. Competition with televised games doesn’t make it any easier. But smart marketers know there’s something ‘real’ about attending a live sporting event. It’s an experience. Something that can even be shared or remembered for years to come.

In addition to using new media to reach fans, many teams have turned to front door marketing, offering special ticket prices, packages and incentives to get fans off of sofas and into their venues. By delivering a team-branded, not-to-be-missed offer to specific targets at the block group level, teams are effectively increasing ticket sales and increasing attendance. Are your direct marketing efforts scoring big with your fans?