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What is front-door marketing?2019-07-31T21:55:11+00:00

Front-door marketing, as defined by Power Direct, is a highly specialized and measurable discipline that uses creative, precisely targeted media to reach consumers in one of the last uncluttered environments — their front door. Reaching consumers at the front door optimizes their engagement with advertising messages and can improve response. Front-door marketing includes door hangers, samples, kits or anything else you need delivered that you want to make an impact with.

Why front-door or door hanger marketing?2019-07-31T21:57:17+00:00

Front-door marketing and door hangers are used by brands in a variety of industry categories who wish to communicate relevant, high-value offers to targeted consumers.

What services are included in front-door marketing and door hanger campaigns?2019-07-31T21:55:56+00:00

Power Direct’s fully turnkey program includes a bundled price for targeting, printing, distribution, and verification services. Creative services are available at additional costs.

How do marketers typically use front-door marketing and door hanger programs?2019-07-31T21:54:02+00:00

Front-door marketing can be used to solve many marketing challenges such as traffic generation, awareness and branding, acquisition, retention, market expansion, competitive blunting, new product launches, grand openings, new product trial, and loyalty.

What type of companies use front-door marketing and door hangers?2019-07-31T21:52:44+00:00

Many major brands from a variety of industry categories use front-door marketing and door hangers, such as Comcast, Verizon Wireless, Dick’s Sporting Goods, T-Mobile, LA Fitness and Home Depot. We are also happy to partner with many agencies such as Moroch, StarCom Worldwide, and MARS Advertising to create front-door marketing programs.

What is the typical response rate I can expect from a front-door marketing or door hanger campaign? How can I improve my response rate?2019-07-31T21:44:47+00:00

Many factors affect response, such as market conditions, message and offer, creative, targeting, distribution (quality and quantity), and product or service characteristics.

To improve response, consider optimizing your creative. Simple changes include using only a simple, powerful visual, having a strong offer or call-to-action, using minimal copy, and having a benefit-oriented headline.

How do you profile and target consumers?2019-07-31T21:23:21+00:00

PowerAnalytics is a proprietary system built by Power Direct that is specifically designed to pinpoint optimal delivery strategies for front-door advertising. The application is based on a custom developed GIS-based platform to bring a broad range of essential market data such as demographics, lifestyle segmentation, consumer behavior, consumer buying power and ethnicity from various sources including Nielsen Claritas, Experian, Simmons, US Postal Service and others into a unique unified analytical application to ensure the selection of the most effective delivery strategies. The system is also fully integrated with iVerify such that delivery strategies flow seamlessly to the operations team to ensure accurate tracking and management of the front-door delivery plan.

For more information about our profiling and targeting capabilities, please contact a member of our Business Development team via our Contact Us page.

Can you segment delivery based on the ethnic makeup of consumers (i.e. African American, Hispanic, Korean, etc.)?2019-07-31T21:12:12+00:00

Yes, Power Direct has the ability to identify and reach many different consumer segments.

What if I only want to deliver to specific houses? Do you deliver address specific?2019-07-31T21:09:28+00:00

Yes, Power Direct has the ability to deliver any type of household you would like to target. For instance, if you would like to target only households that are non-customers of your product we can deliver to only those doors.

What are the specs for door hangers?2019-07-31T21:05:51+00:00

Our door hangers are generally 5.5 inches wide by 17 inches tall.

We can also make custom sizes and shapes; please contact us with your sample specs for more information.

Can I provide my own artwork?2019-07-31T21:10:18+00:00

Yes, we can accept your artwork on our secured FTP site or we can create a customized design for you.

Please contact us to receive instructions regarding our arts specs and guidelines on how to access the FTP.

What markets will you deliver to?2019-07-31T21:21:06+00:00

Power Direct provides national, regional, and local distribution. We offer complete coverage to the entire United States and Canada including all major markets.

How do you verify distribution?2019-07-31T20:50:45+00:00

Power Direct offers 4 levels of verification:

  • Our uniformed, trained employee delivery personnel professionally distribute all advertising impressions.
  • On-site supervisors manage crews, develop plans, write daily reports and verify delivery.
  • All our delivery crews are equipped with real-time GPS tracking devices to monitor and verify distribution throughout the program or campaign in real-time. We collect the gps tracking data as well as clicker data to verify not just where the crews have been but what houses were delivered to.
  • Quality Control Auditors conduct on-site field verifications and/or optional phone verification audits.
Do you maintain a consumer delivery opt-out list?2019-07-31T20:36:14+00:00

Yes, an on-going opt-out list is maintained. In order to keep this list updated we work with the cities where we are delivering to incorporate any opt-out addresses they have on file.

In addition, if a resident notifies us they do not wish to have a door hanger or sample delivered we add their address to our cumulative list. All program data and mapping is run through this list to ensure homes that do not wish to be delivered to don’t to ensure compliance.

Do you deliver to apartment complexes and rural communities?2019-07-31T20:33:41+00:00

We deliver to apartment complexes, unless the program specifies SFDU (Single Family Dwelling Units) delivery.

We deliver to most rural communities. If your program requires delivery in rural communities, please contact us for more details.

How do you handle customer inquiries?2019-07-31T20:31:27+00:00

Consumer inquiries are directed to our Power Direct customer service team through a toll-free phone number and email address. We treat all consumer inquiries with the utmost care, listening to concerns and responding as quickly as possible, usually within two hours.

Can I view the crews during the delivery online?2019-07-31T20:29:47+00:00

Yes, clients are able track the status of their program via a client portal on iVerify, a custom developed browser-based application that tracks and manages all aspects of Power Direct’s delivery operations. iVerify provides immediate access for clients to view crews in the field through the secure portal. Clients can view job statistics, photos, maps and other essential information in real-time to provide business locations with the latest information on delivery status to optimize impact of the advertising and promotion in those locations.

Is there a minimum delivery quantity?2019-07-31T17:56:42+00:00

The minimum quantity is 10,000 pieces. We do make some exceptions for test market scenarios; please contact us for more details.

How long does it take to start a job in market?2019-07-31T20:28:56+00:00

All programs vary depending on volumes, markets & targeting. Your sales representative will be able to provided a detailed distribution plan. However, for most programs, it normally takes 14 business days from the day we receive client-approved final art for Power Direct to start the program.

How much does a typical program cost?2019-07-31T16:39:16+00:00

Each front-door marketing program is customized to meet a client’s needs and goals; program costs can therefore vary by market, quantity and specialized demographics. Please contact us for a custom quote.

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