iVerify: The Only Way to Guarantee Complete, National Door Hanger Distribution

6 Levels of GPS-Enabled Protection to Verify Your Delivery Is Happening

Delivery is everything.

When it comes to door hanger distribution, or with any other form of printed direct marketing, delivery is everything.

Some direct marketers say ‘the list’ is everything. And yes, the right targeted list is very important.

Others say the headline is the most important part of a campaign. Or the offer. Or the call to action. And yes, all of those are very important. Some say the branding is the most important part. But no, it’s not.

The thing is – none of these marketing components means a thing if the campaign doesn’t get delivered. Delivery is everything. And when it comes to printed marketing, how do you know if your campaign really got sent to the right addresses?

With the US Post Office, you don’t. (How about online? See how bad online ad fraud has gotten)

The Post Office does not verify delivery unless you pay for certified mail. What company will do that? That means, if you trust the Post Office to deliver a campaign for you, and you get no response from customers, you can’t go to the Post Office and ask how they know it really got sent.

With door hangers, you don’t have to worry about the Post Office losing your campaign. But you do have to trust whoever gets paid to deliver each piece to the front doors of each address on your list.

With a typical door hanger delivery service, you again have little recourse if you suspect your campaign didn’t get delivered properly. Do you know for sure the delivery guys didn’t just dump your door hangers in a dumpster, drive the route, take a break at a coffee shop, and then return and declare “job done”?

The good news is, door hanger distribution can be verified with 100% proof that would even stand up in a court of law (we presume… we’re not lawyers).

Here’s what Power Direct does to verify distribution to every address on your list. It’s called iVerify.

Why GPS Alone Is Not Enough to Verify Distribution

This part is very important, because we’re going to use a word (an acronym actually), and you’re going to react by thinking you know what it means. But when it comes to verifying delivery of your door hangers, there’s a whole lot more to know.

iVerify depends – in part – on GPS trackers we require all our delivery people (walkers) to take with them.

There’s that word – GPS.

GPS alone does not verify anything, other than that the person (or the tracker) was in that area. So if you use another delivery service, and ask them to please verify that your campaign got delivered to a particular neighborhood, they might trot out a GPS record that confirms it. “Yep, we were in that neighborhood. See? The GPS says the guy went through there right here.”

That’s not verification of anything.

The delivery company could have dumped your stuff somewhere, driven though the area to get the GPS evidence, avoided paying anyone to actually deliver it, and then taken the day off. Or, they could have delivered half of it.

Or, they could have delivered it to all the houses in one neighborhood, even though your list specified only certain addresses. But they didn’t want to take the extra time and effort those details require, like hunting for addresses behind blackberry bushes and creeping vines, and dealing with fences, gates, apartment complexes, and many other on-site complications that make distribution a lot tougher than most people realize.

So they cut some corners. Maybe they deliver 80% of it, and get the GPS evidence to cover the rest. But how much money does that missing 20% cost you? In a campaign with 100,000 door hangers, not delivering 20,000 of them could represent millions in lost lifetime customer revenue, depending on what you’re selling.

You need to demand 100% delivery, with verification, and nothing less.

How iVerify and our In-House GPS Experts Assure Complete Door Hanger Distribution, Nationwide

Let’s examine how iVerify differs from the lazy man’s GPS that most other companies hope is enough to earn your trust.

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Point-of-delivery physical evidence with clickers

Our delivery crews (walkers) work with us repeatedly, so they know our system. They’re required to click a clicker every time they deliver a door hanger – at the point of delivery. This clicker links to the GPS trackers and iVerify, so a dot shows up on the screen of the full-time monitors back at our headquarters

Time-stamped clicks

The clickers record the time of delivery for each door hanger. This offers far more detail than raw GPS data, which has no time-stamp.

iverify screenshot shows the timestamped real time door hanger distribution in action

Click must be within specified radius of ‘marker’

On iVerify, we can map out a neighborhood and place digital markers at each address on the delivery route. Each click from a walker must be done within a certain radius of that marker, which is usually within a few feet of the front door. If the click happens too far away, the click is flagged, and our on-site auditor will go check it out (learn more about on-site auditing

GPS data and time-stamped clicks include speed of walker

If the data shows the walker is going too fast (as in, driving the route to fake delivery), this would show up in iVerify, and again the on-site auditor could go verify what’s happening

Active off-site monitoring

We have teams of full-time employees who stare at blips and screens all day, as walkers send in click data and distributions get completed. You can ask at any point in time, and we can show you what percentage of distribution has taken place

Other companies just have the data, but there’s no one actively watching as the distribution unfolds. This extra layer of monitoring gives you extra assurance of a perfectly executed delivery.

Weather reports and photos of walkers

If bad weather is impacting distribution, iVerify will reveal how much it might be slowing down the walkers. And, our internal team logs photos of each walker on each crew for each day, so we know  which specific person delivered to each address.

This information serves as internal verification that our processes are working to the complete distribution level we promise to our clients. In other words, GPS is just part of a larger set of tools we use to help us do our job better. It’s not just window dressing that we can use to cover our backsides if a client questions our service.

It’s there for us, and it’s there for you.

In our system, we can see:

  • The exact time of each delivery
  • The route taken before and after
  • Which walker delivered it
  • How fast they were moving
  • What percentage of their route has been completed

All this is being watched by full-time off-site monitors. And it also gets visually verified by on-site auditors. Combined with the crew supervisor, that’s three independent sets of eyes making sure your door hangers are getting delivered to the right households, 100% of the time.

Each year, we deliver tens of millions of marketing pieces directly to the front door of our clients’ most ideal customers in more than 90% of U.S. markets. So, whether your campaign is happening in Florida or Oregon, or both simultaneously, no other door hanger distribution service has anything close to this kind of comprehensive triple-verification process.

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