How we Achieve Complete Door Hanger Delivery

You’ve spent the money planning and creating a front door marketing campaign. You’re confident your plan is solid, and you expect a healthy ROI. Now, it’s time to send out your marketing.

At this point in the process, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than a 100% door hanger delivery rate.

Power Direct achieves complete and accurate distribution, something no other company can offer, especially at the national level. We’re so confident in our distribution system, we even offer our clients the opportunity to ride along with our crews and witness our industry-leading standards firsthand.

door hanger delivery for an Internet provider

4 Power Direct Foundations that Ensure Complete Door Hanger Delivery

Here’s what Power Direct does to achieve perfect deliverability on every single job.

1. Control Quality with Three Levels of Auditing

In Power Direct’s distribution system, each delivery crew is supervised and trained by a professional, who is also with them during the delivery. Bargain door hanger delivery services will tell you they don’t want to ‘babysit’ their crews because of the expense. We don’t consider it babysitting. We consider it doing what you paid us to do – complete and accurate door hanger delivery.

That’s why the on-site supervisor is just one of three levels of auditing.

The second is the manager working off-site, tracking all the data (more on that in a moment), and available at all times to be contacted by the on-site supervisor.

Third, after delivery has taken place, a quality control auditor drives around to visually verify delivery at all specified locations.

Trained supervisors. Off-site managers. Auditors following up after delivery. That’s how you achieve complete and accurate front door marketing distribution.

2. Don’t Let Any Crew Members Work Alone

In Power Direct’s door hanger delivery system, no supervised crews are larger than 8, and all work in pairs. This eliminates any risk of one bad apple spoiling the bunch.

3. Use GPS and Cloud-Backed Distribution Tracking

Power Direct equips all of our delivery crew members with GPS devices.

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On top of that, we give them clickers to click every time they make a delivery to record the lat/long of their exact location (not a driveway, not a mailbox – the front door). With a data tracking system connected to the clickers and the GPS, the off-site manager can see in real time when and where each new door hanger has been placed on a front door.

4. Give clients a Way to View the Data Themselves

Transparency is the foundation of trust. We don’t hide anything.

The first three strategies above, working in tandem, essentially guarantee complete front door marketing delivery. But to give total transparency, we also let you see and monitor the delivery of your marketing as it happens, in person or online in real time.

All Power Direct clients get access to our exclusive online portal called iVerify where you can see the same GPS maps and click data that the off-site manager can see.

You can see an example of a real-time map in the image below. Each dot represents a click from a delivery crew member, indicating a door hanger was delivered at that location.

door hanger delivery from Power Direct

Front Door Marketing Distribution, Taken Seriously

Those four basic foundations above are just a glimpse of how seriously Power Direct takes the deliverability of your front door marketing. This is what you’re paying for. How can we accept anything less than complete delivery?

The four strategies above already set us apart from most other companies. But we don’t stop there. Here are a few more ways we lead in the industry in front door marketing distribution:

  • Give vests and ID badges to delivery crews
  • Photograph each delivery crew every morning
  • Never let crew members be with door hangers alone – always handed out by supervisor
  • Require a professional dress code for crews – no low hanging pants or backward hats
  • Hand count door hangers multiples times per day
  • Create daily reports for quality control and accurate record keeping
  • We include a 1-800 number and email address on all printed materials. Your customers can reach us with any questions 24/7.
  • Unique deliveries such as free samples or customized displays that take time to ‘build’

Our basic door hangers aren’t really door hangers in the way most people think of them. More like mini-billboards. But we also offer a great variety of other forms of front door marketing.

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Our ability to achieve complete door hanger delivery is a result of years of leading the industry in innovations and best practices for distribution.

We’re proud of what we’ve built and we invite you to experience it yourself by riding along with our team during the distribution of your campaign.

If you want the complete door hanger delivery your business deserves, call or email us to get started!