Enliven Your Summer 2024 Campaigns with Q3 Marketing Dates and Events

Whenever you can dovetail your marketing with holidays and events that are familiar to most people, your campaigns resonate more strongly. To help you plan ahead so your campaigns are ready when the moment arrives, we’ve compiled a list of some of the biggest marketable dates in Q3 2024. 

The summer quarter can be a tougher season to engage with customers and prospects because of more fluid schedules (school’s out!), and other factors. Browse the list below for fresh inspiration or to see if you’ve missed any key events in your planning. 

2024’s top Q3 events for marketing

Here are some standout events taking place in 2024’s third quarter that your marketing team can plan campaigns around: 

Independence Day – July 4th 2024

Summer doesn’t have a lot of official holidays, and in the United States, July 4th is pretty much the big one. This year, July 4th falls on a Thursday, which means lots of people will end up taking four-day weekends. 

That’s a lot of time for parties, trips, barbecues, and fun activities. 

Whether you can cater directly to the things people like to do on long summer weekends, or whether you can simply take advantage of the spirit of Independence Day and all the symbolism that comes with it like flags and fireworks, almost any company can develop a campaign that leverages July 4th

young child grabbing an American flag

The summer Olympics 

The Olympics only happen every four years, so when they’re here, that gives you a special opportunity to create unique marketing campaigns. If your company doesn’t have an official sponsorship tied to the games, here are some other ways you can incorporate the olympic spirit into your campaigns: 


The gold, silver, and bronze imagery is timeless and can be applied to numerous contexts. Unfortunately, they’ve also been overused and have become a bit cliché, so if you want to use the medals, try to come up with a more unique approach in how you use them.

Personalizing them somehow will be more effective than just using the imagery. For example, you could award customers medals — and give them real rewards — for spending certain amounts, buying certain products, getting subscriptions, making referrals, or other achievements. 

Different sports

During the Olympics, viewers find themselves fascinated and captivated by sports contests that they never think about any other time of their lives. Find particular Olympic events that align with your campaign, message, industry, or target market in some way, and use those to create some memorable marketing. 

Standout moments

Have a campaign or two ready to go that can capitalize in some way on an athlete or incident everyone will be talking about during that time. 

While not using an athlete’s specific name or real imagery from a broadcast, you can reference whatever the viral event of the moment may be. Perhaps it’s a stunning win, a wardrobe incident, or a hilarious quote. 

Pop culture kicks into high gear during the Olympics, so keep your eyes on social media and put your own twist on the topic of the day. 

Labor Day — Sep 2nd, 2024

Labor Day arrives as summer is winding down, and this is another reliable three-day weekend. It’s a great day to run sales, in-store campaigns, and pitches that center around all the things happening during this time of year. You might be able to combine Labor Day with some of those annual rites of passage. 

football on a field

NFL season opener – Sept 5, 2024

Professional football reigns as, by far, the most popular American sport. No other sport seems to garner such consistently high ratings, interest, and fan participation. 

This year, the season opens on Thursday, three days after Labor Day, with the first full Sunday of games a few days later. 

If there is a home team in your company’s market — or multiple ‘home teams’ if you’re a national company — find a way to incorporate the city’s beloved team into your marketing. At this time of year, every team has hopes of a great season. Optimism is at its highest level. 

Leverage that with smart marketing that joins in the fun and gives people an extra reason to respond to your ads.

Back to School – late August and early September

School also starts around this time of year. In some places it happens in late August. In others it’s the same week as Labor Day. But really, ‘back to school’ is a season, because it represents the transition from summer freedom back to schools and routines. This is the time when warm weather starts turning cooler, days get a little shorter, and the year enters its final third.

Some businesses can directly market to families and others for whom school itself is a big part of their lives. But other businesses can use the transition period in different ways. 

A company targeting retirees could talk about grandkids going back to school, or use the nostalgia associated with the feelings around that.

Niche sports events

The NFL and college football are certainly the most dominant sports events of the late summer. But there are other sports moments throughout Q3 that have sizable audiences, and your company may be able to attract attention from your target audience by using imagery and language associated with various sports. A few such events to consider include:

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  • Baseball all-star game – July 16th
  • Wimbledon tennis tournament – early July
  • Tour de France cycling – starts June 29th  
  • NASCAR Brickyard 400 – July 21st 
  • Any other big local sports events

The thing is, any local sports event that draws a big audience offers marketing opportunities. Any professional baseball game draws tens of thousands of fans, and this is a great venue for sending some brand ambassadors to conduct experiential marketing to a local audience.

In-person marketing is a powerful way to interact with customers and prospects, because it breaks through all the distractions and noise of traditional advertising. Winning brand loyalty — and repeat customers — is easier when they meet someone in person and have an actual experience related to your products and services. 

large music festival

Music festivals — happening all summer

When you start thinking about local events, you quickly realize there’s a lot more than sports that draws crowds and attracts local attention and press. 

Music festivals are one such example. These offer another opportunity for in-person brand ambassador campaigns, as well as other marketing opportunities for businesses that know these events are coming and can capitalize on the pre-existing audiences they’ll attract.

You can find hundreds of festivals with this great tool. There are a ton of them happening around the country. And you can filter it by season, month, music genre, and several other factors.  

Music festivals offer sponsorship opportunities, in-person brand ambassadors campaign venues, and oftentimes booths and on-site sales. 

Local events — happening all summer

In addition to music and sports, other types of local events happen in almost every community throughout the summer. The more plugged into communities you can get, the more of a direct impact you’ll make on your target audience. 

And if you’re a big national company, don’t think you can’t (or shouldn’t) try to do this. Brand ambassadors are personal. Even if you’re a big company, when people get met by actual individuals right in the moment, you won’t be perceived like a big national company, but as a business wanting to get out and meet people and in a direct and relational way. 

And there are many other ways beyond in-person marketing to incorporate local events into your marketing plans for summer 2024. 

Vacation season

Another way to get Q3 marketing ideas is to think of the characteristics of the season, rather than specific events or moments. 

Summer is the time when people like to go on vacation. They like to travel far away, and they enjoy doing vacations right where they live. Time off is time off. Look for ways that your company can tap into the desire to ‘get away’ and take a break. Can you serve your customers and prospects directly as they take time off? Can you leverage the feelings and desires associated with taking vacations to bolster your campaigns?

Wedding season

Summer is a big time for weddings. Weddings mean parties, honeymoons, traveling, and celebration. Even if you aren’t in the wedding business directly, with some smart planning you can probably find a way to tap into some of this market.

Outdoor season

In the summer, people like to do more things outdoors. These might be one-day trips like hikes and play dates. People also visit parks, have get-togethers, and plan backyard games, running, biking, picnics, and myriad other warm weather activities. 

How can your company align itself with the conversations going on in the minds of your customers and prospects during the summer months? What are they thinking about and doing this summer? How can you serve them, provide for them, or make their experiences easier, better, safer, or more enjoyable? 

Use door hanger marketing or experiential marketing to target customers in Q3

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They’re unique, eye-catching, and far more versatile. You get nearly 100% verified impressions, and higher response rates as a result.

And when you use Power Direct, you get sturdy, solid, and customizable door hangers. These aren’t those flimsy flyers that flap in the breeze and end up all over the place. 

And you also get a campaign planned by our data experts with advanced targeting capabilities based on over 4,000 demographic and psychographic categories, as well as your own customer and prospect data. Target your ideal consumers down to the exact streets.

For example, if you wanted to create a back to school campaign, you’d want to target families with younger children, and perhaps middle and early high school. With Power Direct, you don’t just plaster a zip code. You can select distinct neighborhoods, streets, even specific addresses with the right data. 

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